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Mpumalanga Provincial Schools Chess Championships U15 Boys

Last update 08.06.2018 14:37:06, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 124)

Starting rank

1CMMhango BaneleRSA1838Ehlanzeni
2Nkambule NtokozoRSA1365Gert Sibande
3Moloisane ThatoRSA1139Gert Sibande
4Nkosi WelileRSA1079Ehlanzeni
5Taljaard ZuanRSA1033Ehlanzeni
6Mkhatshwa LungeloRSA953Ehlanzeni
7Chibangi NkosinathiRSA934Nkangala
8Mattheus DylanRSA916Ehlanzeni
9Vivier HannoRSA846Gert Sibande
10Sithole ThatoRSA500Nkangala
11Botlholo MphoRSA0Nkangala
12Likhuwane SherpardRSA0Ehlanzeni
13Mahlangu WishGiftRSA0Nkangala
14Mailinda ThabisoRSA0Ehlanzeni
15Makhubele PrayerRSA0Bohlabela
16Maritse KwetsimaniRSA0Bohlabela
17Mashaba ModishoRSA0Bohlabela
18Msitsa ShaunRSA0Nkangala
19Ngomane MshikaRSA0Gert Sibande
20Nkadimeng KgokongRSA0Nkangala
21Nyathi RiptumeloRSA0Bohlabela
22Thela SibusisoRSA0Nkangala
23Tshikweta TakalaniRSA0Bohlabela