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Centurion Chess Club 20/20 A

Last update 14.06.2018 08:40:41, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 115)

Starting rank

1Letsoalo PeterRSA1655
2Muller DanielRSA1461
3Maluleke TiyiselaniRSA1355
4Nieuwoudt HannoRSA1355
5Greyling HendrikRSA1298
6Prinsloo JohannesRSA1277
7Jacobs GerhardusRSA1272
8Malan HendrikRSA1242
9Ristic AndrejRSA1236
10Ristic MilosRSA1219
11Van Rensburg BenRSA1112
12Malan AidenRSA1094
13Jacobs Calvin NicholasRSA1066
14Joubert DivanRSA1049
15Nieuwoudt JancoRSA1015
16Burger JankeRSA1007
17Stembull AzariahRSA1000
18Sikhosana LeroyRSA972
19Jacobs Tiaan BenjaminRSA959
20Anderson AidanRSA924
21Prinsloo JacquesRSA631
22Smith JaydenRSA854
23Gstettner KarlRSA1099