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Estonia 100 Youth Chess Series VIII A- Tournament

Last update 03.06.2018 12:18:15, Creator: andres karba,Last Upload: eesti maleliit

Starting rank

1Pritulina Nadezda4510259EST1492SK Valge Ratsu
2Orlova Sofiya4512340EST1446Tallinna MK
3Lehes Ott Oskar4510640EST1360Tartu Kalev
4Kamp Laura4514076EST1210MK Areng
5Karba Karoliina4512294EST1137Tartu Kalev
6Blokhin Georg4513282EST1084Tallinna MK
7Dukova Sofia4513959EST1037Vabaettur
8Vili Uku4513991EST1032Vabaettur
9Luik Elo-Mirtel4513363EST1022Vabaettur
10Molotov Iko4513304EST0Tallinna MK
11Rajandu Aaron4514734EST0- - -
12Rahn Ronan4513762EST0Rae Huvikool
13Shamonin Feliks4514319EST0Rae Huvikool
14Zagrijev Rafael4514327EST0MK Chess Continent