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Schaakweek Apeldoorn GM tournament 2018

Senast uppdaterad15.06.2018 16:18:35, Creator/Last Upload: aeliens

Lista över spelare

7GMFier Alexandr2107139BRA2576
8GMErnst Sipke1004689NED2555
10GMHillarp Persson Tiger1700812SWE2546
3IMPraggnanandhaa R25059530IND2529
5IMPijpers Arthur1019554NED2479
4IMKuipers Stefan1018400NED2477
2IMGascon Del Nogal Jose Rafael3902463VEN2470
6IMBeerdsen Thomas1030108NED2454
9IMTen Hertog Hugo1026356NED2453
1FMWarmerdam Max1048104NED2370
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