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Campeonato de Puerto Rico 2018 Absoluto

Last update 11.06.2018 02:01:18, Creator/Last Upload: federacion de ajedrez de puerto rico

Starting rank list of players

4FMAlmedina Ortiz Edgardo J.3100197PUR2204
3Santa Torres Luis A.3100189PUR2175
8CMTorres Santiago Jonathan3100650PUR2139
6FMSosa Trani Luis3100022PUR2068
2CMDiaz Montes Edwin3100715PUR2032
5Freyre Forest Jorge3100030PUR2017
10Campiz Jimenez Leonardo3100243PUR2015
9Mejias Nunez Rafael E.3105873PUR1897
1Padin Rivera Juan R.3104672PUR1786
7Velazquez Rivera Pedro J.3105474PUR1772