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Vårturneringen 2018

Last update 27.05.2018 12:10:39, Creator/Last Upload: tafasto1950

Starting rank

1FMRistoja JanFIN2290Gambiitti
2Lundin AndersSWE2218Passanten
3Ristoja SamuFIN2185KymS
4FMMalmdin Nils ÅkeSWE2166Gnarps SK
5FMHammar BengtSWE2133Stockholms SS
6Johansson JukkaFIN2121Gambiitti
7Lovén AndersSWE2100Passanten
8Pönniö ToniFIN2100KäpSK
9Johansen PeterSWE2088Passanten
10Braathen TomSWE2054Stockholms SS
11Lindegren RobertALA2050Ålands SK
12Arfwedson PeterALA2015Ålands SK
13Danielsson RobertSWE2012Passanten
14Carlsten PeterSWE2007Stockholms SS
15Miettinen TeemuFIN2003Gambiitti
16Löfling JonasSWE1864Passanten
17Engelberg JanFIN1851KymS
18Gustavsson KentALA1797Ålands SK
19Gunnarsson LennartSWE1762SS Gambit
20Ristoja AulikkiFIN1702Gambiitti
21Karlsson BoALA1667Ålands SK
22Löwing HaroldSWE1599Passanten