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Guillermo Garcia in Memoriam 27th Premier I

Last update 31.05.2018 19:47:28, Creator/Last Upload: ajedrezcubano

Starting rank list of players

6GMOliva Castaneda Kevel3500799CUB2511
2GMMartinez Duany Lelys Stanley3504727CUB2507
8IMVera Siguenas Deivy3804623PER2503
1GMNogueiras Santiago Jesus3500020CUB2501
10IMQuesada Perez Luis Ernesto3520773CUB2462
7IMFernandez Cardoso Alexey3504379CUB2436
3IMValdes Romero Leonardo6500331CRC2398
4IMRuiz Sanchez Orlen3506231CUB2384
5IMMartin Del Campo C. Roberto5100046MEX2351
9IMClavijo Jorge Mario4400763COL2313