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Blessing Cup 2eme Edition U14 feminin

Last update 22.05.2018 16:43:23, Creator/Last Upload: ljmuller84

Starting rank

1Anderson MichaëlleHAI1000Respire
2Balice NachelieHAI1000ENLA
3Baptiste AlianaHAI1000ENLA
4Belgarde RoudenaHAI1000Greta Home
5Bernard Marie Joëlle SarahHAI1000Nid Douillet
6Brilfort SalahHAI1000AJEH
7Ceravil FedlineHAI1000ENLA
8Charles IlianaHAI1000Fonds Parisien
9Dinat KimberlieHAI1000ENLA
10Dinat M MiclandeHAI1000ENLA
11Diverny NathalieHAI1000ENLA
12Emile ViergineHAI1000AJEH
13Jean Francois ValenciaHAI1000Greta Home
14Lebrun CarlineHAI1000ENLA
15Mathieu Sara DaphkaHAI1000Nid Douillet
16Montina KessyHAI1000Greta Home
17Noël SulthanaHAI1000ENLA
18Séiné Rose BerlineHAI1000Nid Douillet