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Guillermo Garcia in Memoriam 27th Premier II

Last update 31.05.2018 19:42:22, Creator/Last Upload: ajedrezcubano

Starting rank list of players

10GMQuesada Perez Yasser3509362CUB2558
5GMEspinosa Veloz Ermes3507424CUB2544
8GMAlmeida Quintana Omar3503313CUB2521
3IMGallego Alcaraz Andres Felipe4402669COL2511
4IMAlbornoz Cabrera Carlos Daniel3518736CUB2507
6IMMiranda Mesa Elier3510697CUB2438
9IMOtero Acosta Diasmany3503186CUB2394
2IMDuran Vega Sergio6501311CRC2360
1FMLacayo Rene6100031NCA2265
7Hernandez Montes Jhon Sebastian4412249COL2257