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2em Open Blitz Layali Ramadhan 2018 Oran

Last update 01.06.2018 01:27:55, Creator/Last Upload: algerian+c1552

Starting rank list of players

1Ghebache Nourreddine7901135ALG2097
16Boudjourfa Adlane7903464ALG2091
15Sekrane Ahmed7903367ALG1994
2Brahim Djelloul Azzedine7906722ALG1978
3Moueden Mohamed Amine7902018ALG1895
13Sebbah Abdelkader7911980ALG1698
14Bakhlouf Boudjellal7904177ALG0
4Boudaa Djamil7918445ALG0
5Boutaleb Mohamed Rayane7925816ALG0
6Boutaleb Reda7905270ALG0
7Brahim Djelloul Ahmed7920601ALG0
8Cherif Salim7918178ALG0
12Dida AbdaelahALG0
9Ferrahi Tarak7911882ALG0
10Lardjani Slimane7903570ALG0
11Merzougui Med7906528ALG0