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2018 Girls Chess Talent Beginners

Last update 21.05.2018 04:47:21, Creator/Last Upload: surinaamse schaakbond

Starting rank

1Baldan VijashnaviSUR0C4t
2Bhagwanbali ShushmitaSUR0Rukhmania
3Breinburg CharineSUR0Hjp
4Kasan SherinneSUR0Scw
5Koebeer IshitaSUR0Rukhmania
6Kromopawiro EliciaSUR0Scw
7Kromopawiro UlfaSUR0Scw
8Oedairadjsingh TiershaSUR0Scw
9Oedairadjsingh TysharaSUR0Scw
10Ramjiawan RuksanaSUR0Scw
11Wongsosemito XanagySUR0Scw
12Wu EliseSUR0C4t
13Yeung AimeeSUR0Rukhmania