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22. Offene Internationale Bayerische Meisterschaft Tegernsee

Last update 04.11.2018 15:39:07, Creator/Last Upload: gjo

Player overview for NGR

207IMOparaugo Thomas20521994NGR011½01½0½4,5201

Results of the last round for NGR

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
IMOparaugo Thomas20524 ½ - ½4 Opl Klaus1866

Player details for NGR

IM Oparaugo Thomas 2052 NGR Rp:2070 Pts. 4,5
183Pieper Thomas Dr.22132202GER5,5w 0
2349Pauthner Franz18441774GER1,5s 1
3101Kannenberg Karl-Heinz21822128GER5,5w 1
497Schäfer Michael21852167GER5,5s ½
5103Kraich Klaus21802127GER6,0w 0
6390Schöne Thomas17821595GER3,5s 1
793Nagel Bernhard21912159GER5,0w ½
895Lederle Vitus21902112GER5,5s 0
9331Opl Klaus18660AUT4,5w ½