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22. Offene Internationale Bayerische Meisterschaft Tegernsee

Last update 04.11.2018 15:39:07, Creator/Last Upload: gjo

Player overview for CZE

193Nehyba Martin20650CZE0101011½15,5104

Results of the last round for CZE

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Nehyba Martin2065 1 - 0 FMTonndorf Matthias2216

Player details for CZE

Nehyba Martin 2065 CZE Rp:2142 Pts. 5,5
169FMGrötzbach Julian22472256GER5,5w 0
2347Kleinhenz Hans-Georg18501800GER4,0s 1
393Nagel Bernhard21912159GER5,0w 0
4351Scheuerer Werner18381759GER4,0s 1
561Markmann Ulrich22822207GER5,5w 0
6376Recchi Antonio18100ITA4,0s 1
7311Blaeser Romain18910LUX3,5w 1
873Tscharotschkin Michael22362223GER4,5s ½
981FMTonndorf Matthias22162213GER4,5w 1