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13th Poti International Chess Festival "Nana Aleksandria Cup" - Official

Last update 10.07.2018 21:18:39, Creator/Last Upload: georgian chess federation

Player Overview of a federation

19FMAliyev Ravan13409980AZE2324
21FMMammadov Sadig13408712AZE2312
32FMEynullayev Altay13413562AZE2134
34Eynullayev Atilla13413570AZE2120
39Mustafayev Farid13408771AZE2068
41Soyunlu Narmin13400843AZE2060
45CMSamadov Read13417444AZE2037
79Hasan-Zada Mehman13419951AZE1649
109Huseynova Lala13431781AZE1243
124Hasanov Ramal13416812AZE1085