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D2 Schools Individuals 2018 u11 Girls

Last update 19.05.2018 19:28:23, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 33)

Starting rank

1Msiwa Nokuthula850Hlangabeza
2Sathikge Kgomotso751Hlangabeza
3Maseko Unathi717Hlangabeza
4Rankin Lara678Gerrit Maritz
5Visser Kayla657Gerrit Maritz
6Msiwa Boitumelo632Hlangabeza
7Gilbert Lillian610Monument
8Van Wyk Cloudin571Gerrit Maritz
9Thomas Makayla547Gerrit Maritz
10Jacobs Cathleen542Gerrit Maritz
11Mnguni Atlegang539REM
12Graaff Christel527RAM
13Venter Melicia524Rapportryer
14Martins Jana500RAM
15Burke Kiara Angelique0Kenmare
16Pretorius Monique J0Rapportryer
17Van Den Heever Natasha0Rapportryer
18Van Tonder Janelize0Gerrit Maritz