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Knight Riders Round Robin A Section

Last update 15.05.2018 17:19:34, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 106)

Starting rank list of players

10Ngcobo SandileRSA1062
8Mckay BonganiRSA980
3Mkhize MbusoRSA935
9Moloi KgothatsoRSA849
11Mekgoe KamogeloRSA806
1Skhosana LeratoRSA766
5Ncala MpiloRSA760
7Skhosana MuziRSA755
12Mbele NtombabaRSA688
4Skhosana ThaboRSA570
2Mkubung PasekaRSA553
6Lubedu BonginkosiRSA500