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HCA - 15th M'Garh Distt. OPEN (Mixed) Chess Championship 12 - 13 May 2018 [LIVE Webcast @]

Last update 13.05.2018 23:32:38, Creator/Last Upload: haryana chess association

Starting rank

1Amisha, WHCA0
2Ankit SharmaHCA0
3Ankur (RWD)HCA0
4Deep Jyoti, WHCA0
5Deepak DixitHCA0
7Himanshu Relhan (DDR)HCA0
8Hitesh SharmaHCA0
9Jatin (Kanina)HCA0
10Lalit MohanHCA0
12Pankaj (DDR)HCA0
13Parmod YadavHCA0
14Ravinder (Kanina)HCA0
15Sanket Juneja (DDR)HCA0
16Shivam AroraHCA0
17Sumant KumarHCA0
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