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International Chess Festival Eforie Nord 2010

Last update 27.06.2010 13:17:59, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 7)

Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMTurov Maxim2624RUS 75b1 46w1 13b½ 39w1 24b1 11w½ 12b1 4w½ 7b½ 14w1 3b½8,566,080,560,75
2GMManolache Marius2527ROU101b1 90w1 23b0 73w1 28b1 13w½ 30b1 8w1 11b1 4w½ 6b½8,563,076,557,75
3GMGavrilov Alexei2494RUS 40w1 50b1 31w1 12b0 61w1 36b0 25w1 39b1 16w1 5b1 1w½8,562,577,058,75
4GMFedorov Alexei2618BLR118w1 25b½ 86w1 37b1 15w1 21b½ 18w1 1b½ 5w½ 2b½ 7w½8,066,079,556,25
5GMChatalbashev Boris2593BUL 80b1 53w1 15b½ 28w½ 16b1 23w1 36b1 11w½ 4b½ 3w0 26b18,064,579,055,50
6GMFier Alexandr2581BRA 91b1 35w1 19b0 48w1 38b½ 43w1 9b1 7w0 30b1 13w1 2w½8,064,578,555,50
7IMMekhitarian Krikor Sevag2499BRA105w1 42b1 36w½ 45b1 18w½ 22b½ 23w1 6b1 1w½ 11w½ 4b½8,064,578,055,50
8GMLupulescu Constantin2593ROU 98w1 33b1 37w½ 22b½141w½ 58b1 24w1 2b0 36w1 19b½ 11w18,061,575,553,25
9IMThesing Matthias2425GER135w1 60b½ 57w½ 72b½ 82w1 50b1 6w0 46b1 31w½ 36b1 21w18,057,069,549,00
10FMDragomirescu Robin-Alexandru2381ROU119b1104w1 17w0 82b½ 60w½ 67b½ 59w1 40b1 37w½ 24b1 27w18,056,068,048,25
11GMVocaturo Daniele2493ITA116b1 71w1 43b1 14w1 12w1 1b½ 21w1 5b½ 2w0 7b½ 8b07,567,080,551,75
12GMGajewski Grzegorz2572POL114b1 51w1 41b1 3w1 11b0 26w1 1w0 18b½ 22w½ 23b1 15w½7,565,078,551,50
13GMCarlsson Pontus2479SWE 92b1 66w1 1w½ 44b½ 42w1 2b½ 22w1 14b½ 21w1 6b0 17w½7,564,078,050,75
14GMNevednichy Vladislav2560ROU136w1 61b1 16w1 11b0 33w½141b1 15w1 13w½ 26b1 1b0 19w½7,563,576,549,50
15IMFilip Lucian2469ROU 78b1 49w1 5w½ 59b1 4b0 38w1 14b0 43w1 28b½ 57w1 12b½7,561,575,548,75
16IMVioreanu Bogdan-Gabriel2418ROU106b1 65w1 14b0 54w1 5w0 60b1 47w1 27b1 3b0 20w½ 56b17,561,074,046,25
17GMBadea Bela2495ROU103b1 48w1 10b1 23w0 74b1 30w½ 39b½ 36w0 52b1 28w1 13b½7,560,574,050,00
18IMCaspi Israel2438ISR120b1 79w½ 77b1 62w1 7b½ 20w1 4b0 12w½ 38b0 47b1 46w17,560,573,548,25
19GMBerescu Alin-Mile2464ROU132w1 72b1 6w1 21b0 50w½ 25b½ 61w1 31b½ 69w1 8w½ 14b½7,560,572,547,75
20GMDziuba Marcin2576POL 81w1 64b1 22w½141b½ 44w1 18b0 32b½ 34w½ 25w1 16b½ 38b17,560,072,547,75
21GMSulskis Sarunas2554LTU 99b1 52w1 30b1 19w1 23b½ 4w½ 11b0 41w1 13b0 38w1 9b07,064,077,547,00
22IMMoldovan Daniel2423ROU 68b1 54w1 20b½ 8w½ 52b1 7w½ 13b0 62w1 12b½ 29w½ 35b½7,063,077,047,00
23IMTurova Irina2394RUS126b1 85w1 2w1 17b1 21w½ 5b0 7b0 89w1 29b½ 12w0 74b17,062,075,044,50
24IMBerbatov Kiprian2471BUL 94w1 57b½ 83w1 25b1 1w0 33b1 8b0 32w½ 48b1 10w0 61b17,060,574,543,50
25FMPetrisor Adrian-Marian2335ROU171b1 4w½ 69b+ 24w0 75b1 19w½ 3b0 49w1 20b0 89w1 71b17,060,573,041,75
26IMNabaty Tamir2493ISR102w1 83b½ 70w1 32b1 36w½ 12b0 64w1 45b1 14w0 31b1 5w07,059,573,044,00
27GMNanu Costica-Ciprian2515ROU 99b1 49w1 58b0 62w1 35b1 16w0 61b1 39w1 10b07,059,573,037,50
28IMGrunberg Mihai-Lucian2391ROU138w1 59b½ 79w1 5b½ 2w0 49b1 42w½ 83b1 15w½ 17b0 70w17,059,572,542,50
29GMSzabo Gergely-Andras-Gyula2546ROU112w1 47b1141w½ 36b0 70w1 31b½ 44w1 37b½ 23w½ 22b½ 32b½7,059,571,544,50
30IMCosma Ioan2420ROU 87w1 82b1 21w0 66b1 85w1 17b½ 2w0 33b1 6w0 42b½ 64w17,058,572,542,00
31IMBogdan Dan2350ROU140b1107w1 3b0 65w½ 77b1 29w½ 90b1 19w½ 9b½ 26w0 57b17,057,570,540,75
32FMDobre Claudiu-Cristian2347ROU148w1 63b½ 95w1 26w0 65b½ 76b1 20w½ 24b½ 66w1 37b½ 29w½7,057,068,040,75
33NMBonte Andrei-Mihai2307ROU143b1 8w0 78b1104w1 14b½ 24w0 79b1 30w0 67b1 74w½ 63b17,056,068,039,25
34WGMCosma Elena-Luminita2370ROU137w1 76b½ 59w0115b1 67w½ 65b½ 63w1 20b½ 58w½ 70b½ 66w17,052,564,039,25
35CMBurlacu Bogdan2272ROU151w1 6b0 93w1 81b½ 63w½104b1 27w0 60b½100w1 69b1 22w½7,052,564,037,00
36IMThorfinnsson Bjorn2390ISL122b1 89w1 7b½ 29w1 26b½ 3w1 5w0 17b1 8b0 9w0 52b½6,565,578,543,75
37IMItkis Boris2434ROU109b1 97w1 8b½ 4w0 57b½ 71w1 51b1 29w½ 10b½ 32w½ -06,561,073,540,50
38FMGeorgescu Tiberiu-Marian2404ROU117w1 86b0136w1 55b1 6w½ 15b0 82w1 42b1 18w1 21b0 20w06,559,071,539,50
39WGMPeptan Corina-Isabela2416ROU 88w1 67b½ 60w1 1b0 86w1 83b1 17w½ 3w0 73b1 27b0 47w½6,558,572,538,50
40Scripnic Dumitru1993MDA 3b0158w1 51b1 58w0 48b1 52w½ 74b1 10w0 62b½ 73w1 53b½6,557,569,537,50
41IMVedmediuc Serghei2438MDA127w1 55b1 12w0 57b½ 72w1 64b½ 58w1 21b0 47w0 77b1 42w½6,556,568,538,25
42WIMBulmaga Irina2254ROU128b1 7w0111b1 68w1 13b0126w1 28b½ 38w0 65b1 30w½ 41b½6,556,068,035,75
43IMBargan Sergei2338MDA113b1 96w1 11w0 86b½ 59w1 6b0 67w1 15b0 84w½ 60b½ 95w16,555,568,536,75
44Maksimov Oleg2338RUS108w1 84b½ 76w1 13w½ 20b0 56w1 29b0 66b0107w1 49w½ 82b16,555,067,037,25
45IMBeinoras Mindaugas2386LTU145w1 95b½ 67w1 7w0 71b½ 54b1 68w1 26w0 57b0 55b½ 59w16,555,067,037,00
46FMOgleznev Alexandr2320MDA110w1 1b0101w1 85b0125w1 63b½ 65w1 9w0 82b1 84b1 18b06,554,567,535,00
47WGMSandu Mihaela2261ROU162b1 29w0 68b0111w1 78b1107w1 16b0123w1 41b1 18w0 39b½6,553,564,533,25
48FMPessi Emil-George2222ROU159w1 17b0106w1 6b0 40w0166b1 98w1 68b1 24w0 87b½ 84w16,552,564,032,25
49CMCorlatescu Dragos-Georgian2176ROU168w1 15b0145w1 27b0127w1 28w0 99b1 25b0 68w1 44b½ 94w16,552,563,031,75
50CMBarzanu Iulian2250ROU158b1 3w0126b1123w1 19b½ 9w0 89b0 75w½112b1 81w½ 86b16,552,064,032,75
51CMChifor Ovidiu-Emanuel2264ROU134w1 12b0 40w0133b1 93w1 98b1 37w0100b½ 63w0114b1 85w16,551,063,033,25
52Katzir Moshe2252ISR130w1 21b0135w1157b1 22w0 40b½ 84w½ 81b1 17w0109b1 36w½6,551,062,031,25
53FMBreahna Radu2286ROU129w1 5b0105w1 84b½ 76w½ 85b½ 81w½ 55b½ 59w½104b1 40w½6,550,563,034,50
54Postolachi Viorel2142MDA181w+ 22b0143w1 16b0135w1 45w0 92b0 94b½110w1124b1 83w16,550,061,531,75
55CMSenetia Teodor2188ROU146b1 41w0148b1 38w0 68b0111w1107b1 53w½ 89b½ 45w½ 81b16,549,559,531,25
56CMMalureanu Costin-George2128ROU131w1141b0157w0145b1 87w1 44b0 94w1 64b½ 83w1 58b1 16w06,549,060,033,50
57FMDragomirescu Calin2213ROU123b1 24w½ 9b½ 41w½ 37w½ 68b0136w1 88b1 45w1 15b0 31w06,057,570,035,25
58WGMPaulet Iozefina2261ROU 62b½127w1 40b1 27w1 8w0 41b0 78w1 34b½ 56w0 67b½6,057,570,033,50
59NMTincu Radu-Laurentiu2143ROU139b1 28w½ 34b1 15w0 43b0109w1 10b0126w1 53b½ 62w1 45b06,056,068,533,25
60WFMTraistaru Teodora2180ROU156b1 9w½ 39b0137w1 10b½ 16w0114b1 35w½ 91b½ 43w½ 69w½6,056,067,032,50
61IMNevednichy Boris M2268MDA142b1 14w0109b1107w1 3b0 80w1 19b0 92w1 27w0 91b1 24w06,055,067,029,50
62CMGarbea Bogdan2270ROU 58w½163b1 63w1 18b0 84w1 27b0 85w1 22b0 40w½ 59b0 87w16,055,065,531,75
63WFMBaciu Diana2127MDA177b1 32w½ 62b0152w1 35b½ 46w½ 34b0160w1 51b1 64b½ 33w06,055,064,030,75
64CMTaras Dan-Gheorghe2285ROU147b1 20w0120b1 75w½110b1 41w½ 26b0 56w½ 97b1 63w½ 30b06,054,566,032,00
65IMFlorescu Codrut-Constantin2132ROU153w1 16b0129w1 31b½ 32w½ 34w½ 46b0106b1 42w0 96b1 72w½6,054,566,032,00
66NMZaim Marian2195ROU164w1 13b0174w+ 30w0109b½101b1141w½ 44w1 32b0 92w1 34b06,054,564,529,75
67CMProdileanu Adrian2170ROU150b1 39w½ 45b0144w1 34b½ 10w½ 43b0116w1 33w0102b1 58w½6,054,065,531,75
68Iovcov Valerii1932MDA 22w0154b1 47w1 42b0 55w1 57w1 45b0 48w0 49b0149b1104w16,054,064,531,50
69IMoraru Alexandru1986ROU152b1 25w- 71w0146b1 77w1 72w1141b+ 19b0 35w0 60b½6,053,064,529,00
70FMBaciu Stefan2214ROU166w½124b1 26b0116w1 29b0114w½ 91b½118w1 85b1 34w½ 28b06,051,563,031,00
71FMSomoff Abdo2196LBN167w1 11b0117w½ 69b1 45w½ 37b0105w½102b1109w½ 88b1 25w06,051,562,030,50
72WIMPadurariu Ioana-Smaranda2195ROU125b1 19w0119b1 9w½ 41b0112w1 69b0 91w0120b1132w1 65b½6,051,063,030,50
73CMStanciu Alexandru-Ovidiu2221ROU 96b0178w+ 88w1 2b0 94w0117b1106w1 87b1 39w0 40b0107w16,050,063,030,50
74NMJiroveanu George2255ROU124w½166b1 84w½108b1 17w0 81b½ 40w0115b1127w1 33b½ 23w06,050,062,030,00
75CMPachia Mihai2077ROU 1w0113b1131w1 64b½ 25w0125b1 83w0 50b½ 87w0117b1108w16,049,562,029,75
76WIMMarin Irina-Luiza2132ROU173b1 34w½ 44b0146w1 53b½ 32w0 88b0135w1 92b0123w1121b16,049,559,528,25
77WIMDragomirescu Angela2181ROU152w½133b1 18w0117b1 31w0 69b0124w1105b½121b1 41w0116b16,049,060,529,00
78IDolana Andrei-Theodor1965ROU 15w0167b1 33w0 96b1 47w0133b1 95w1 58b0104w0125b1115w16,049,059,528,00
79Ciornei Dragos2174GER154w1 18b½ 28b0110w0157w1132b1 33w0127b0106w1105b½109w16,045,056,026,25
80IStegariu Alexandru2062ROU 5w0108b0167w1129b1124w1 61b0 87w0142b1 88w0147b1105w16,043,554,524,50
81WCMMathe Katalin2042ROU 20b0147w1160b1 35w½ 90b½ 74w½ 53b½ 52w0141b+ 50b½ 55w05,554,566,030,75
82NMChristea Ion-Horia2176ROU161b1 30w0171b1 10w½ 9b0116w1 38b0 93w1 46w0 98b1 44w05,554,566,027,50
83Mocanu Sergiu2227MDA144b1 26w½ 24b0112w1166b1 39w0 75b1 28w0 56b0 99w1 54b05,554,065,028,50
84CMStegariu Vlad-Ionut2089ROU176b1 44w½ 74b½ 53w½ 62b0142w1 52b½ 90w1 43b½ 46w0 48b05,553,563,528,50
85CMPepene Gheorghe2125ROU169w1 23b0 96w1 46w1 30b0 53w½ 62b0125b1 70w0130w1 51b05,553,063,027,25
86CMHorvat Dan-Sebastian2160ROU170b1 38w1 4b0 43w½ 39b0 92w½ 93b½109w-145w1127b1 50w05,551,562,026,25
87CMFugulyan Grigore1930ROU 30b0150w1 90b0161w1 56b0149w1 80b1 73w0 75b1 48w½ 62b05,550,060,526,75
88IManole Stefan1927ROU 39b0170w1 73b0 97w½131b1 95b½ 76w1 57w0 80b1 71w0 89b½5,550,059,026,75
89CMBida Mihai-Eugen2093ROU172w1 36b0125w0143b1106w½110b1 50w1 23b0 55w½ 25b0 88w½5,549,559,026,25
90Stolte Alexander2231GER157w1 2b0 87w1125b½ 81w½ 94b1 31w0 84b0105w½100b½ 91w½5,549,061,027,25
91CMDombi-Marias Rudolf2042ROU 6w0110b½130w1142b0145b1 70w½ 72b1 60w½ 61w0 90b½5,548,560,025,75
92WCMIlie Maria-Ruxandra1983ROU 13w0159b½166w0130b1153w1 86b½ 54w1 61b0 76w1 66b0100w½5,548,059,028,00
93WNMPomirleanu Ana-Daniela1997ROU 35b0171w1 51b0143w1 86w½ 82b0 96w0134b1124w15,547,558,520,00
94IArghirescu Andrei1972ROU 24b0125w0150b1147w1 73b1 90w0 56b0 54w½158b1 97w1 49b05,547,558,025,00
95CMChirita-Mihaila Marius-Constan2133ROU165b1 45w½ 32b0166w0137b1 88w½ 78b0120w½126b1128w1 43b05,546,557,525,00
96IIlie Andrei1753ROU 73w1 43b0 85b0 78w0111b0139w½172b1171w1 93b1 65w0132b15,546,055,023,75
97WFMBaciu Anca-Otilia2167ROU155w1 37b0108w0 88b½138w1106b0110w1132b1 64w0 94b0127w15,544,555,524,75
98CMAnuta Elefterie-Laurentiu2049ROU 8b0143w0156b1122w1119b1 51w0 48b0148w1123b½ 82w0126b15,544,555,522,75
99Bargan Svetlana2027MDA 21w0151b1 27w0124b0176w1108b1 49w0129b½159w1 83b0138w15,544,555,022,25
100IMPanush Viktor2123MDA160b½175w½123b0126w0147b1174w1128b1 51w½ 35b0 90w½ 92b½5,544,055,025,75
101IRadu Constantin2026ROU 2w0134b1 46b0148w1123b½ 66w0113b½128w½130b0158w1131b15,542,054,022,25
102IFlorescu Alin-Cristian1986ROU 26b0123w0161b0150w1158b1171w½130b1 71w0113b1 67w0128b15,541,051,522,50
103CMNicolescu Ilie2005ROU 17w0130b½144w0159b0155b1128w0139b0173w1146b1148w1123b15,536,547,021,25
104CMVoicu Marian-Romulus2084ROU149w+ 10b0163w1 33b0108w1 35w0123b0119w1 78b1 53w0 68b05,051,562,523,50
105WCMAnusca Madalina-Maria2025ROU 7b0128w1 53b0113w½144b½119w1 71b½ 77w½ 90b½ 79w½ 80b05,050,062,025,25
106IAtomei Cristian1929ROU 16w0155b+ 48b0160w1 89b½ 97w1 73b0 65w0 79b0113w½151b15,049,560,523,25
107CMMihailov Iulian2033ROU180b+ 31b0175w1 61b0128w1 47b0 55w0108b1 44b0129w1 73b05,049,060,023,00
108WCMMorea Georgiana-Steluta1818ROU 44b0 80w1 97b1 74w0104b0 99w0111b1107w0154b1112w1 75b05,048,058,025,00
109ILinca Ionel1939ROU 37w0168b1 61w0175b1 66w½ 59b0157w1 86b+ 71b½ 52w0 79b05,048,058,022,25
110ISandru Cristian-Spartacus1807ROU 46b0 91w½172b1 79b1 64w0 89w0 97b0146w1 54b0136b1114w½5,048,057,022,25
111IMartian Dragos-Daniel1927ROU141w0139b1 42w0 47b0 96w1 55b0108w0131b1142w0150b1144w15,045,555,521,50
112CMBonte Arghir2026ROU 29b0162w1 83b0134w1 72b0142w½166b1 50w0108b0143w15,044,555,018,25
113WCMAnton Roxana-Ana1824ROU 43w0 75w0170b1105b½115w0153b1101w½136b½102w0106b½149w15,044,553,520,75
114CMMitrica Octavian-Dianu2030ROU 12w0129b0164w1134b½159w1 70b½ 60w0124b½157w1 51w0110b½5,044,054,019,50
115CMMartian Fanase2083ROU175b½160w½146b½ 34w0113b1123w½126b½ 74w0129b½137w1 78b05,043,554,522,25
116CMCretu Marian1989ROU 11w0144b½159w1 70b0163w1 82b0134w1 67b0125w½142b1 77w05,043,554,018,75
117IPopa Marian1918ROU 38b0165w1 71b½ 77w0149b½ 73w0158b½144w½161b1 75w0154b15,043,053,020,00
118IMihet Vasile-Mihai2076ROU 4b0171w0158b1174w1126b0122w1160b½ 70b0124w0119w½130b15,042,554,022,00
119CMBratu Gheorghe1849ROU 10w0169b1 72w0136b1 98w0105b0150w1104b0134w½118b½142w15,042,053,019,25
120IConstantin Claudiu-Daniel1949ROU 18w0164b1 64w0163b½133w½157b½166w½ 95b½ 72w0144b½147w15,041,051,019,00
121CMPop Valer1990ROU -0157b0168w1128b0162w1124b0159w1133b1 77w0151b1 76w05,038,547,518,00
122IToculet Gheorghe-Cristache1868ROU 36w0131b0154w1 98b0168w1118b0167w½157b0169w½160b+156b15,035,044,517,50
123Mamaliga Laurentiu1744MDA 57w0102b1100w1 50b0101w½115b½104w1 47b0 98w½ 76b0103w04,551,062,023,50
124Baycan Alper1770TUR 74b½ 70w0176b½ 99w1 80b0121w1 77b0114w½118b1 54w0 93b04,550,560,023,25
125Culiuc Maxim1738MDA 72w0 94b1 89b1 90w½ 46b0 75w0140b1 85w0116b½ 78w0137b½4,549,560,022,75
126WFMVisanescu Daria-Ioana1896ROU 23w0153b1 50w0100b1118w1 42b0115w½ 59b0 95w0157b1 98w04,549,560,020,50
127IRadulescu Gabriel1940ROU 41b0156w1 58b0151w1 49b0144w½171b1 79w1 74b0 86w0 97b04,547,557,018,50
128Karlsson Mikael Johann1767ISL 42w0105b0179w+121w1107b0103b1100w0101b½136w1 95b0102w04,547,057,523,75
129IDumitrescu Alexandru1789ROU 53b0114w1 65b0 80w0160b0168w1174b1 99w½115w½107b0135w½4,546,055,520,00
130IColcer Andrei-Victor1765ROU 52b0103w½ 91b0 92w0173b1172w1102w0167b1101w1 85b0118w04,544,053,016,75
131Ganea Mihai401ROU 56b0122w1 75b0176b½ 88w0140w0152b1111w0171b+145b1101w04,543,053,018,25
132CMSpirea Mihai1955ROU 19b0146w0155b½172w1152b1 79w0144b1 97w0160b+ 72b0 96w04,543,053,017,50
133Ioan Cornel401ROU 77w0140b1 51w0120b½ 78w0137b1121w0147b0161w½158b14,543,053,016,25
134CMGurguiatu Sandu1771ROU 51b0101w0177b1114w½112b0152w1116b0149w½119b½ 93w0161b14,543,051,516,75
135ICiubotariu Maricel1937ROU 9b0161w1 52b0162w1 54b0160w0143b1 76b0151w0168w1129b½4,542,553,516,25
136Agu Uche2029NGR 14b0142w1 38b0119w0151b1148w1 57b0113w½128b0110w0159b14,542,053,016,50
137IBogdan Elizaveta1841ROU 34b0176w½173b+ 60b0 95w0163b½133w0150b1162w1115b0125w½4,540,050,015,50
138ICican Gheorghita-Adrian1885ROU 28b0173w½152b0155w1 97b0146w½149b½158w0139b1159w1 99b04,539,049,017,75
139IDobrea Eugen590ROU 59w0111w0147b0164b1143w0 96b½103w1145b0138w0163b1162w14,539,047,517,25
140IPorcoleanu Doina-Olga1827ROU 31w0172b½133w0153b0169w1131b1125w0159b0167w½162b½157w14,533,543,015,00
141IMSoltanici Ruslan2412MDA111b1 56w1 29b½ 20w½ 8b½ 14w0 66b½ 69w- 81w- -0 -04,058,071,025,50
142ITaposu-Matei Alexandra1776ROU 61w0136b0153w½173b+ 91w1 84b0112b½ 80w0111b1116w0119b04,045,555,018,00
143WCMVasilescu Maria1804ROU 33w0 98b1 54b0 89w0139b1 93b0135w0155w1149b0170w1112b04,045,054,516,50
144ISerbanescu Diana-Maria1762ROU 83w0116w½103b1 67b0105w½127b½132w0117b½148b½120w½111b04,044,554,019,50
145WCMGelip Ioana1864ROU 45b0177w1 49b0 56w0161b1 91w0146b½139w1 86b0131w0152b½4,044,553,014,00
146IBratu Andreea1684ROU 55w0132b1115w½ 76b0 69w0138b½145w½110b0103w0153b1148b½4,044,054,016,50
147Hincu Olga1789MDA 64w0 81b0139w1 94b0100w0154b½153w½170b1133w1 80w0120b04,043,552,015,25
148Johannsson Orn Leo1825ISL 32b0179w+ 55w0101b0165w1136b0163w1 98b0144w½103b0146w½4,043,053,016,50
149Popovici Chiril401MDA104b- -1 -0169b½117w½ 87b0138w½134b½143w1 68w0113b04,042,051,018,00
150Mogildea Mihail1542MDA 67w0 87b0 94w0102b0156b1151w1119b0137w0172b1111w0170b+4,040,549,011,50

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Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger Tie-Break (with modified points, analogous to Buchholz Tie-Break)

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