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Festivalul International de Sah Eforie 2010 - 10 ani

Last update 26.06.2010 18:21:33, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 14)

Player info

NameTarabega Andrei
Starting rank33
Rating national401
Rating international0
Performance rating0
Club/CityCss Nr 2 Bucuresti
Year of birth 2000


11010IIIVasiliu Cosmin449ROUCs Olimp Sah Focsani6,5- 0K
219-2not paired00,0- 0
319-2not paired00,0- 0
419-2not paired00,0- 0
519-2not paired00,0- 0
619-2not paired00,0- 0
719-2not paired00,0- 0
819-2not paired00,0- 0
919-2not paired00,0- 0
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