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Master-open "Voronezh-2010"

Last update 21.06.2010 14:18:46, Creator/Last Upload: ia sergei erofeev

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMRakhmanov Aleksandr2570RUS 48w1 21b1 13w1 3w½ 29b½ 24b½ 14w1 6w1 2b½7,0431,037,0
2GMKhismatullin Denis2657RUS 64w1 4b½ 7w½ 53b1 32w1 3w1 6b½ 9b1 1w½7,0426,035,5
3GMZakhartsov Viacheslav V2586RUS 93w1 53b1 61w1 1b½ 33w1 2b0 9w½ 8b1 5w½6,5410,036,0
4GMDzhumaev Marat2495UZB 80b1 2w½ 98b1 11w½ 55b½ 60w½ 32w1 10b½ 24w16,5399,532,5
5GMGrigoryan Avetik2576ARM 63w1 37b½ 30w½ 43b½ 67w1 39b1 19w½ 33b1 3b½6,5397,032,5
6GMKokarev Dmitry2612RUS 62w1 30b½ 15w1 12b1 9w½ 10b1 2w½ 1b0 7w½6,0415,034,5
7GMYevseev Denis2520RUS 46b1 28w½ 2b½ 31w½ 49b½ 50w1 11b½ 55w1 6b½6,0414,030,0
8IMLooshnikov Nikolai2500RUS 51b1 42w1 11b½ 33w0 28b½ 49w1 60b1 3w0 41b16,0408,531,0
9GMDvoirys Semen I2563RUS 95b½ 92w1 70b1 35w1 6b½ 29w1 3b½ 2w0 19b½6,0404,034,0
10GMPonkratov Pavel2603RUS 56b1 40w½ 52b½ 37w1 36b1 6w0 22b1 4w½ 12b½6,0404,032,0
11GMRomanov Evgeny2594RUS 68w1 19b1 8w½ 4b½ 39w½ 36b½ 7w½ 13b½ 44w16,0402,531,5
12IMDemchenko Anton2514RUS 57b1 31w½ 34b1 6w0 38b½ 28w½ 68b1 20w1 10w½6,0402,530,0
13GMKhruschiov Alexey2413MDA101b1 22w1 1b0 20w0 80b1 18w½ 35b1 11w½ 36w16,0401,529,0
14GMAmonatov Farrukh2626TJK 50b½ 83w1 40b1 29w½ 20b½ 35w1 1b0 39w1 18b½6,0396,031,5
15GMBezgodov Alexei2494RUS 84w1 34w½ 6b0 95w1 31b½ 63b½ 48w½ 64b1 33w16,0395,028,0
16IMDubov Daniil2416RUS100w1 60w½ 35b0 41b½ 72w1 26b1 36w½ 17b½ 32w16,0390,528,5
17GMYakovich Yuri2576RUS 31b0 57w1 68b1 49w½ 21b½ 65w½ 37b1 16w½ 29b16,0384,527,5
18GMOleksienko Mikhailo2543UKR 42b0 51w½ 92b1 56w½ 66w1 13b½ 43w1 54b1 14w½6,0371,526,5
19Golovin Leonid2448RUS 88b1 11w0 95b½ 74w1 98b1 20w1 5b½ 41w½ 9w½6,0369,530,5
20GMZinchenko Yaroslav2547UKR 58w1 61b0 63w1 13b1 14w½ 19b0 30w1 12b0 48w15,5396,528,5
21IMGochelashvili David2420RUS 79b1 1w0 46b1 26b½ 17w½ 55w½ 34b½ 60w1 22b½5,5393,527,5
22IMPapin Vasily2520RUS 89w1 13b0 54w1 64b1 24w½ 33b½ 10w0 38b1 21w½5,5392,529,0
23IMDanin Alexandre2509RUS 66w½ 72b½ 58w1 38b½ 48w½ 64b1 24w½ 36b½ 26w½5,5386,028,0
24GMPopov Valerij2592RUS 28b0 89w1 62b1 52w1 22b½ 1w½ 23b½ 25w1 4b05,5384,029,0
25GMPanarin Mikhail2521RUS 76w½ 66b½ 73w½ 48b0 58w1 69b1 61w1 24b0 54w15,5370,525,0
26IMZubov Alexander2586UKR102b1 65w1 29b0 21w½ 40b½ 16w0 31b1 45w1 23b½5,5367,028,0
27FMGubaydulin Talgat2298UZB 35b½ 98w0 83b½103w½ 70b½ 92w1 47b½ 52w1 50b15,5346,022,0
28FMPonomarev Dmitry2365RUS 24w1 7b½ 39w½ 30b½ 8w½ 12b½ 44w½ 32b0 67w15,0401,526,5
29GMGlek Igor2498GER 71w1 99b1 26w1 14b½ 1w½ 9b0 33w0 63b1 17w05,0397,531,5
30IMGoganov Aleksey2485RUS 77b1 6w½ 5b½ 28w½ 34b½ 31w1 20b0 50w½ 39b½5,0397,527,5
31Matinian Nikita2348RUS 17w1 12b½ 41w½ 7b½ 15w½ 30b0 26w0 90b1 61w15,0394,525,0
32GMJumabayev Rinat2557KAZ 75b1 70w½ 49b½ 50w1 2b0 38w1 4b0 28w1 16b05,0388,028,5
33GMGabrielian Artur2557RUS 73w1 43b1 55w½ 8b1 3b0 22w½ 29b1 5w0 15b05,0387,531,5
34GMSavchenko Boris2642RUS 38w1 15b½ 12w0 72b1 30w½ 53b½ 21w½ 44b0 69w15,0386,526,0
35GMVoitsekhovsky Stanislav2531RUS 27w½ 69b1 16w1 9b0 61w1 14b0 13w0 48b½ 62w15,0385,026,5
36GMShaposhnikov Evgeny2550RUS 59b1 49w½ 47b1 55b1 10w0 11w½ 16b½ 23w½ 13b05,0381,030,5
37IMAirapetian Gor2429RUS 90w1 5w½ 60b½ 10b0 54w½ 66b1 17w0 71b½ 73w15,0379,525,0
38IMAmanov Zhanibek2398KAZ 34b0 80w1103b1 23w½ 12w½ 32b0 74b1 22w0 60b+5,0378,524,5
39IMKrylov Mikhail2530RUS 74b1 47w½ 28b½102w1 11b½ 5w0 65b1 14b0 30w½5,0375,528,5
40WGMGunina Valentina2457RUS 96w1 10b½ 14w0 75b1 26w½ 48b½ 41w0 62b½ 63w15,0375,525,5
41GMLastin Alexander2643RUS 83b½ 50w½ 31b½ 16w½ 56b½ 82w1 40b1 19b½ 8w05,0374,525,5
42Poghosyan Suren2310ARM 18w1 8b0 53w0101b1 44w½ 61b0 67w½ 79b1 64w15,0370,022,0
43GMLutsko Igor2417BLR 97b1 33w0 88b1 5w½ 60b0 59w1 18b0 56w½ 68b15,0368,025,0
44IMKalegin Evgenij2458RUS 92b½ 91w½102b0 46w1 42b½ 56w1 28b½ 34w1 11b05,0360,024,5
45GMTunik Gennady2484RUS 86w1 55b0 66w½ 73b½ 69w½ 90b1 63w½ 26b0 74w15,0358,524,5
46FMPasiev Rakhim2275RUS 7w0 85b1 21w0 44b0 78w1 70w½ 69b½ 82w1 65b15,0356,519,5
47FMEfanov Nikolai2407RUS103w1 39b½ 36w0 98w0 74b½ 86b1 27w½ 53b½ 71w15,0346,023,0
48Yatzenko Anton2345RUS 1b0 79w½ 51b1 25w1 23b½ 40w½ 15b½ 35w½ 20b04,5382,524,0
49Chuprikov Dmitry2414RUS 85w1 36b½ 32w½ 17b½ 7w½ 8b0 54w0 76b1 51w½4,5378,524,5
50FMOzolin Maxim2398RUS 14w½ 41b½ 99w1 32b0 81w1 7b0 72w1 30b½ 27w04,5377,024,5
51Artemiev Vladislav2246RUS 8w0 18b½ 48w0 87b1 83b1 52w0 95b1 65w½ 49b½4,5370,019,5
52FMSharafiev Azat2447RUS 72w½ 76b1 10w½ 24b0 63w0 51b1 62w½ 27b0 80w14,5366,522,5
53FMSivuk Vitaly2436UKR 78b1 3w0 42b1 2w0102b1 34w½ 55b0 47w½ 56b½4,5361,024,5
54WIMSeveriukhina Zoja2321RUS 60b0 81w1 22b0 91w1 37b½ 98w1 49b1 18w0 25b04,5360,023,5
55GMBurmakin Vladimir2612RUS 82b1 45w1 33b½ 36w0 4w½ 21b½ 53w1 7b0 -04,5358,528,0
56Lukjanenko Alexander2375RUS 10w0 86b½ 84w1 18b½ 41w½ 44b0 89w1 43b½ 53w½4,5356,021,0
57WIMKomiagina Maria2258RUS 12w0 17b0 94w1 69b0 91w1 62b0 90w½ 81b1 72w14,5350,016,5
58Simonian Tigran2311ARM 20b0101w1 23b0 79w½ 25b0 88w1 80b0 91w1 87b14,5337,518,0
59Gorshkov Yury S2314RUS 36w0 87b½ 90w1 67b0 85w1 43b0 71w0 97b1 86w14,5333,019,0
60GMRychagov Andrey2551RUS 54w1 16b½ 37w½ 61b½ 43w1 4b½ 8w0 21b0 38w-4,0389,526,5
61IMSergienko Sergey2415RUS 81b1 20w1 3b0 60w½ 35b0 42w1 25b0 68w½ 31b04,0387,025,0
62FMTurutin Alexander2380RUS 6b0 77w1 24w0 81b0103b1 57w1 52b½ 40w½ 35b04,0361,019,5
63FMElizarov Dmitry2356RUS 5b0 78w1 20b0 88w1 52b1 15w½ 45b½ 29w0 40b04,0360,022,5
64FMProvotorov Ivan2405RUS 2b0 71w1 91b1 22w0 99b1 23w0 75b1 15w0 42b04,0357,523,0
65FMBukavshin Ivan2435RUS 94w1 26b0 72w0 76b1 73w1 17b½ 39w0 51b½ 46w04,0357,023,0
66Nazaryev Ergey2254RUS 23b½ 25w½ 45b½ 70w1 18b0 37w0 82b½ 69w0 91b14,0356,020,5
67IMAjrapetian Gevorg2434RUS 91b½ 95w½ 74b½ 59w1 5b0 68w0 42b½ 80w1 28b04,0355,021,5
68IMDmitriev Igor2369RUS 11b0 96w1 17w0 85b½ 71w1 67b1 12w0 61b½ 43w04,0355,021,0
69IMZaiatz Elena2392RUS 98b½ 35w0 79b½ 57w1 45b½ 25w0 46w½ 66b1 34b04,0352,520,0
70IMOvod Evgenija2418RUS 87w1 32b½ 9w0 66b0 27w½ 46b½ 76w½ 74b0 90w14,0349,020,0
71Kondenko Alexey2238RUS 29b0 64b0 97w1 82w½ 68b0 83w1 59b1 37w½ 47b04,0348,518,0
72Korchmar Vasiliy2191RUS 52b½ 23w½ 65b1 34w0 16b0102w1 50b0 75w1 57b04,0348,021,5
73FMKovalev Vladislav2334BLR 33b0 97w1 25b½ 45w½ 65b0 80w½ 79b½ 77w1 37b04,0348,020,0
74Grigorian Vardan2297ARM 39w0100b1 67w½ 19b0 47w½ 99b1 38w0 70w1 45b04,0344,520,0
75Vastrukhin Oleg2331RUS 32w0 90b½ 86w1 40w0 79b½ 81b1 64w0 72b0 84w14,0344,018,5
76WIMTarasova Viktoriya2292RUS 25b½ 52w0 82b½ 65w0 88b½ 85w1 70b½ 49w0 92b14,0343,017,0
77WFMRysbayeva Aigerim2219KAZ 30w0 62b0 81w0 90b0 94w1101b1 99w1 73b0 93w14,0328,513,0
78Schepetkova Margarita2189RUS 53w0 63b0 93w0 97b1 46b0 87w0 -1 94b1 89w14,0296,012,0
79Meribanov Vitaly2151BLR 21w0 48b½ 69w½ 58b½ 75w½ 93b½ 73w½ 42w0 82b½3,5349,517,0
80Kurukin Dmitry2236RUS 4w0 38b0100w1 93b1 13w0 73b½ 58w1 67b0 52b03,5343,018,0
81Dogodkina Julia2066RUS 61w0 54b0 77b1 62w1 50b0 75w0 92b½ 57w0 99b13,5339,515,5
82FMGorkavij Vadim2383RUS 55w0 84b½ 76w½ 71b½ 89w1 41b0 66w½ 46b0 79w½3,5338,517,5
83IMOkrugin Sergey2399RUS 41w½ 14b0 27w½ 89b½ 51w0 71b0 88w1 84b0 97w13,5331,015,0
84Gurkin Anton2220KAZ 15b0 82w½ 56b0 99w0 87b½ 97w½103b1 83w1 75b03,5328,013,5
85Sokolovsky Victor2050RUS 49b0 46w0 96b1 68w½ 59b0 76b0 94w0103w1 95b13,5326,013,0
86Zhurikhin Alexander2211RUS 45b0 56w½ 75b0 92w½100b1 47w0 87b½ 95w1 59b03,5322,515,5
87Stetsko Lanita2127BLR 70b0 59w½ 89b0 51w0 84w½ 78b1 86w½101b1 58w03,5310,014,0
88Shefer Alexander2202RUS 19w0 93b1 43w0 63b0 76w½ 58b0 83b0 -1 96w13,5291,013,5
89Inants Aghasi2259ARM 22b0 24b0 87w1 83w½ 82b0103w1 56b0 92w½ 78b03,0343,015,0
90Sukhareva Evgeniya2152RUS 37b0 75w½ 59b0 77w1 95b1 45w0 57b½ 31w0 70b03,0337,516,5
91WFMSemenova Elena2162RUS 67w½ 44b½ 64w0 54b0 57b0100w1 93w1 58b0 66w03,0333,515,5
92WFMNikolaeva Alexandra2208RUS 44w½ 9b0 18w0 86b½101w1 27b0 81w½ 89b½ 76w03,0333,015,0
93FMChekhov Sergei2361RUS 3b0 88w0 78b1 80w0 96b½ 79w½ 91b0 99w1 77b03,0316,013,5
94Polonovsky Evgeny2169RUS 65b0102w0 57b0 96w0 77b0 -1 85b1 78w0101w13,0259,58,0
95IMKozlitin Oleg2337RUS 9w½ 67b½ 19w½ 15b0 90w0 96b1 51w0 86b0 85w02,5333,516,0
96FMCherenkov Andrey2205RUS 40b0 68b0 85w0 94b1 93w½ 95w0 97b0100w1 88b02,5311,510,5
97WFMTomnikova Lidia2116RUS 43w0 73b0 71b0 78w0 -1 84b½ 96w1 59w0 83b02,5277,010,0
98GMVolkov Sergey2619RUS 69w½ 27b1 4w0 47b1 19w0 54b0 -0 -0 -02,5243,018,5
99Potapova Maria1849RUS -1 29w0 50b0 84b1 64w0 74w0 77b0 93b0 81w02,0291,515,0
100Rysbayeva Korlan2072KAZ 16b0 74w0 80b0 -1 86w0 91b0101w0 96b0103b12,0286,07,0
101Revo Tatiana1978BLR 13w0 58b0 -1 42w0 92b0 77w0100b1 87w0 94b02,0282,010,0
102FMZolotukhin Valery2358RUS 26w0 94b1 44w1 39b0 53w0 72b0 -0 -0 -02,0247,515,0
103Savchenko Andrey1895RUS 47b0 -1 38w0 27b½ 62w0 89b0 84w0 85b0100w01,5277,511,0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)
Tie Break2: Sum of Buchholz-Tie-Breaks (all Results)
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break

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