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Lahore School Chess Tournament 2018 - Under 19

Last update 03.05.2018 14:56:10, Creator/Last Upload: pakistan chess federation

Starting rank

1Mehak Gul7800908PAK1533The lahore Garrison school
2Abdul Rehman Waheed7804458PAK1414Lahore Grammar School
3Abdullah MajeedPAK0Lahore Grammar School
4Abdullah OmerPAK0Prospective Leaders Education syste
5Adil Rehan Quddus7804555PAK0Lahore Grammar School
6Ahmad MahzoorPAK0Lahore Grammar School
7Aleena zahidPAK0The lahore garrison school
8Arham QadeerPAK0Lgs paragon
9Arsalan MalikPAK0Aitchison College
10Arsh Muhammad SukheraPAK0Lahore Grammar School
11Ejaz SubhaniPAK0prospective Leaders Education syste
12Essa Tahir AwanPAK0Lahore Grammar School
13Gul-e-yahyiaPAK0Lahore Grammar School
14Hazik WadoodPAK0prospective Leaders Education syste
15Hussain ShahidPAK0
16Huzaifa Ahmad Sher7803648PAK0The University Of Lahore
17Jaiyan NaveedPAK0Lahore Grammar School
18Khazir KhurramPAK0Lahore Grammar School
19Maham ImtiazPAK0Univeraity of lahore
20Moied AliPAK0prospective Leaders Education syste
21Muhammad Adil Arfan7804431PAK0Lahore Grammar School
22Muhammad AhmadPAK0Lahore grammar school
23Muhammad Fuzail AliPAK0Lahore Grammar School
24Muhammad Hadi Mughal7804440PAK0Lahore Grammar School
25Muhammad HussainPAK0Arqam School Faisal Town C Block
26Muhammad abdullahPAK0The lahore garrison school
27SaifullahPAK0Forman Christian College
28Salman Haider RanaPAK0Lahore Grammar School
29Shahban AkhtarPAK0Lahore Grammar School
30Shahrukh AlamPAK0
31Shahzaib AmirPAK0prospective Leaders Education syste
32Syed mouaaz farrukhPAK0GC College
33ToobaPAK0Univeraity of lahore