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IX. Pierova plichta

Last update 01.05.2018 09:37:54, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Player info

NameKendy Stefan
Starting rank35
Rating national1000
Rating international0
Performance rating2085


11616Vesely Jindrich1812CZETj Sloup4,5s 1
2910Balaz Frantisek1903CZETj Sloup5,0w 1
337Pokladnik Martin1977CZETj Sloup5,5w 1
411Svehla Karel2128CZESpartak Adamov7,5s 0
5414Moc Roman1845CZEAsk Blansko6,0s ½
632Fojtik Tomas2093CZESk Garde Lipovec7,0w ½
756Pise Jan1996CZESpartak Adamov6,5s 0
869Marek Jiri1938CZESk Podluzan Prusanky Z.S.5,0w 1
944Handl Martin2038CZESpartak Adamov5,0s 1
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