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Finalturnier U10 vom 18. - 21.5.2018 in Bern Hotel Bern, Zeughausgasse 9, 3011 Bern

Last update 21.05.2018 11:44:34, Creator/Last Upload: georg kradolfer

Starting rank

1Udipi Kala Kishan134178753SUI1669
2Malkhasyan Narek1340719SUI1569
3Gut Lionel1339966SUI1556
4Dück Maximilian1336703SUI1549
5Scherler Julius1337947SUI1502
6Mohr Moritz1340700SUI1499
7Gut Raphael1339974SUI1494
8Melenevskii Igor1341847SUI1462
9Clotet Mas Dan24560570ESP1461
10Mattenberger Matthias1339958SUI1454
11Marmy Milo1341324SUI1442
12Köhalmi-Szabo Mihaly1341863SUI1428
13Malli Suvirr1341855SUI1427
14Dubovac Kosta1341880SUI1410
15Breyer Thierry1341898SUI1390
16Estermann Michail1341871SUI1330
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