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Campeonato Nacional Sub 12 Absoluto 2018

Last update 20.05.2018 20:17:01, Creator/Last Upload: fecodaz

Starting rank list of players

7CMChavez Brayan Steven4437993VAL1872
2Campos Gomez Manuel4444710VAL1762
6CMLopez Rayo Santiago4455665VAL1727
10Gonzalez Leandro4452879VAL1623
1Rodriguez Pantoja Obel4452968VAL1575
8Brito Carrascal Camilo Andres4459083BOL1541
3Guarin Fonseca Nobel Alfredo4477731MET1479
9Velasquez Joan Sebastian4440862CUN1440
4Gaona Ballesteros Andres4453298BOG1401
5Giraldo Alvarez Simon4473329ANT1383