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Last update 22.04.2018 12:13:03, Creator/Last Upload: penangchessassociation

Final Ranking crosstable after 8 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Tan Khai Boon1981MAS 90w1 83b1 79w1 33b1 4w1 8b1 2w1 6b07,035,044,037,00
2SUBRAMANIAN A/L SIVANESAN1918MAS141w1 55b1 54w1 12b1 31w1 3b1 1b0 9w17,034,044,537,50
3ZUL SUHAILI BIN MD.HUSAIN1641MAS 51w1 69b1 15w1 75b1 5w1 2w0 13b1 8w17,033,045,538,50
4Tin Shan Ze1691MAS100b1 40w1 24b1 11w1 1b0 45w1 32b1 10w17,032,044,037,00
5Tin Shan Wen1772MAS109b1 91w1 37b1 32w1 3b0 74w1 22b1 11w17,032,041,034,00
6Mohd Safri Bin Ilias1735MAS116b1181w1 74b1 13w1 22b0 37w1 12b1 1w17,032,038,032,50
7MUHAMMAD RAFIQUZZAMAN BIN ABDULLAH1746MAS110w1 15b0 66w1 64b1 83w1 26b½ 29w1 22b16,527,539,530,75
8Lieu Chin Yung1704MAS180w1 68b1126w1 23b1 34w1 1w0 35b1 3b06,032,038,524,50
9Poh Yu Tian1670MAS 45w1 64b1 48w1 10b½ 19w1 22w½ 23b1 2b06,031,044,531,75
10Noor Ahmad Fazilah1200MAS165w1 16b1 35w1 9w½ 14b½ 34b1 33w1 4b06,030,542,029,00
11Lim Jing H'ng1223MAS 98w1158b1 39w1 4b0 76w1 38b1 31w1 5b06,030,039,525,50
12Tan Yik Chean1466MAS176w1 53b1 42w1 2w0 15b1 16b1 6w0 41b16,029,043,029,00
13Loo Pin Xie1251MAS147w1 76b1 38w1 6b0 49w1 14b1 3w0 52b16,029,042,028,00
14Mohd Maulana Maulani1200MAS 20b1 29w½117b1 43b1 10w½ 13w0 74b1 37w16,027,541,029,25
15Lim Feng Wei1200MAS134b1 7w1 3b0114w1 12w0 62b1 78w1 33b16,026,041,028,00
16Chee Zhi Qian1200MAS125b1 10w0137b1 53w1127b1 12w0 50b1 35w16,026,036,524,50
17Siah Chee Hwa1200MAS174b1 24w0 99b1 56w1 41w1 33b0 77w1 43b16,026,035,525,00
18Thasvindran A/L Surendran1292MAS137b1 46w0116b1132w1 45b0 27w1 53b1 40w16,025,035,025,00
19Alias Bin Hanafi1649MAS 46b0107w1109b1 93w1 9b0 88w1 45b1 24w16,024,038,027,00
20Khairul Aizat Bin Yusoff1220MAS 14w0176b1141w1 51b0 95w1130b1 90w1 38b16,023,032,021,00
21Amirul Aiman Mazalan1200MAS 76w0 98b1 47w0102b1 97w1 96b1 81w1 34b16,022,034,025,00
22Azizan Bin Yahaya1580MAS118w1129b1 49w1 36b1 6w1 9b½ 5w0 7w05,531,543,026,50
23Khaw Eu Jin1270MAS 52b1 92w1 82b1 8w0 46b1 25w1 9w0 28b½5,528,541,026,25
24Ching Kim Lye1200MAS139w1 17b1 4w0 59b1 36w½112b1 26w1 19b05,527,041,025,50
25Tan Shao Chean1160MAS149w1 28b1 29w1 34b0 77w1 23b0 64w½ 63b15,527,037,524,75
26Lee Wei Hong1211MAS102b1 44w1 36b0100w1 50b1 7w½ 24b0 66b15,526,539,525,75
27WAN DUN YE1200MAS136w1 84b1 63w1 31b0 28w½ 18b0 69w1 64b15,526,037,523,25
28KHAIRI BIN ISKANDAR HAYAT MUBARAK1200MAS 50b1 25w0164b1134w1 27b½ 36w½ 39b1 23w½5,525,036,523,00
29Lai Hong Jun1486MAS130w1 14b½ 25b0156w1 30b1 65w1 7b0 36w15,524,538,523,50
30MUHAMMAD ALIFF BIN AZUAN1200MAS103w1 33b0113w½160b1 29w0121b1 68w1 67b15,522,033,020,75
31Norazwan Bin Kamaruzaman1586MAS 95b1 86w1 57b1 27w1 2b0 44w1 11b0 -05,029,042,523,50
32MUHAMMAD FAISAL B. PATEHI1280MAS 97w1 59b1 80w1 5b0 51w1 47b1 4w0 -05,028,043,023,00
33NOR JAYADI1485MAS142b1 30w1 78b1 1w0 40b1 17w1 10b0 15w05,028,042,523,50
34Koay Yu Hang1535MAS106b1132w1 46b1 25w1 8b0 10w0 51b1 21w05,028,040,522,50
35Bun Sem a/l Ariam1375MAS107b1 66w1 10b0129w1 88b1 39w1 8w0 16b05,027,039,021,00
36Wong Chin Yee1193MAS 87w1 77b1 26w1 22w0 24b½ 28b½ 48w1 29b05,026,540,524,00
37ABDUL HALIM BIN ABDUL SAMAD1200MAS 96w1 81b1 5w0118b1 42w1 6b0 47w1 14b05,026,041,521,50
38Lim Kok Kian1190MAS177b1 60w1 13b0128w1115b1 11w0 86b1 20w05,026,035,517,50
39Chan Jing Ying1173MAS 99b1 56w1 11b0117w1 84w1 35b0 28w0 95b15,025,037,020,50
40LOW LUKE LIANG1200MAS 61w1 4b0139w1 80b1 33w0 49b1 76w1 18b05,024,039,021,00
41BADRUL ZAMAN BIN HJ JAMALUDDIN @ YUSU1200MAS167b1 78w0 95b1 52w1 17b0 46w1 44b1 12w05,024,037,021,00
42Nur alyaa syaza bt abdul razak1200MAS133b1 85w1 12b0 60w1 37b0128w1 63b0 86w15,024,034,519,00
43Wong Kah Meng1223MAS156b½145w1 65b1 14w0 89b½116b1 87w1 17w05,024,033,518,25
44NG PEI ZHIAN1200MAS169w1 26b0138w1126b1 54w1 31b0 41w0 77b15,024,033,017,00
45MUHAMMAD IKHBAL BIN MD RAFIE SUKUMARAN1200MAS 9b0172w1 58b1 94w1 18w1 4b0 19w0 75b15,023,040,021,00
46MUHAMMAD IZMAL BIN MAZALANI1200MAS 19w1 18b1 34w0 79b1 23w0 41b0103w1 80b15,023,039,524,00
47MUHAMMAD SYAHIRAN BIN MOKHTAR1200MAS 94b0178w1 21b1 54b1126w1 32w0 37b0 79b15,023,034,520,00
48FATIN SYASYA SYAURAH BINTI MAS'UD1200MAS168b1114w1 9b0 50w0 92b1 70w1 36b0 89w15,023,034,018,00
49Nisyhaal Tamil A/L V TamilChelvam1200MAS166b1 58w1 22b0157w1 13b0 40w0128b1 91w15,023,033,016,50
50Nur Intan Balqis Binti Azmi1200MAS 28w0 90b1 73w1 48b1 26w0 55b1 16w0 93b15,022,039,522,50
51MUHAMMAD IZZUL IDHAM BIN ZULKIFLI1200MAS 3b0162w1 85b1 20w1 32b0 79b1 34w0 82w15,022,038,020,50
52Mahadzir bin zainol abdin1200MAS 23w0175b1131w1 41b0 57b1 58w1 85b1 13w05,022,035,519,00
53Muhammad Razin Najhan bin Roshidi1200MAS178b1 12w0 72b1 16b0166w1 84b1 18w0 85w15,022,034,516,50
54ANIS NASUHA BT ABU BAKAR1200MAS 71b1101w1 2b0 47w0 44b0107w1106b1102w15,021,037,520,50
55LOW YI XUAN1200MAS123b1 2w0 70b1127w0101b1 50w0104b1 92w15,021,035,020,00
56KHADIJAH BT ISKANDAT HAYAT MUBARAK1200MAS163w1 39b0143w1 17b0164w1 76b0 98w1 78b15,021,030,515,50
57DERRICK LIEW MING FENG1200MAS183w1113b1 31w0 76b0 52w0164b1142w1 81b15,021,027,513,00
58AININ SOFIYA BINTI ASMADI1200MAS148w1 49b0 45w0120w1107b1 52b0130w1 96b15,020,032,517,50
59NOR HUSNA MAISARAH BINTI AZMI1200MAS122b1 32w0 91b1 24w0128b0157w1 83b1 74w15,020,032,018,00
60FAIZ RIDZWAN BIN FADZLY1200MAS135w1 38b0171w1 42b0 96w0139b1 97w1 76b15,020,030,016,00
61RAMNEESH A/L KUMAR1200MAS 40b0116w0142b1109w1105b1 86w0 99b1 90b15,018,031,519,00
62RAIVEER SINGH A/L SUDESH SINGH1200MAS -0 -0180w1141b1132b1 15w0105b1 87w15,018,030,015,50
63Khaw Eu Ming1239MAS111b1164w1 27b0 88w0100b1 66b½ 42w1 25w04,522,535,017,25
64MOHAMAD IQAL SYAHMIR BIN MUZAMMIR1200MAS162b1 9w0168b1 7w0104b1 75w1 25b½ 27w04,522,036,015,25
65MUHAMAD ARIF FURQAN BIN MOHD SALLUDIN1200MAS120w½159b1 43w0113b1 67w1 29b0 66w0114b14,521,032,515,75
66MUHAMMAD ARSYAD AL-AMIN BIN MOHD. NORAM1200MAS 67w1 35b0 7b0108w1114b1 63w½ 65b1 26w04,520,538,018,75
67SYED MUHAMMAD MUAZ BIN SYED MOHD FI1975MAS 66b0142w1156b1 68w½ 65b0 80b1113w1 30w04,520,532,015,25
68MAHESWARAN A/L BALASURAMANIAM1200MAS172b1 8w0101b1 67b½112w0156w1 30b0120w14,520,531,514,25
69MUHAMAD SYAKIRIN BIN ABDUL KHALID1200MAS144b1 3w0112b½ 89w0120b1117w1 27b0119w14,519,033,515,25
70NOOR AIMAN BIN NOOR RIZAL1200MAS161w1 79b0 55w0181w1 91b1 48b0 73w½121b14,519,029,513,25
71NISHAN A/L RAJESWARAN1200MAS 54w0150b1 83w0138b1133b0 72w½117b1115w14,516,529,515,25
72ERAYSHAN A/L RAJESWARAN1200MAS160w1 80b0 53w0 96b0143w1 71b½159w1113b14,516,529,013,75
73MUHAMAD AKMAL HAFIZY B. SALIM1200MAS 82b0153w1 50b0101w0168b1167w1 70b½112w14,516,028,012,75
74ARUL SHANGAR A/L ARULDASS1200MAS184w1140b1 6w0 97b1 75w1 5b0 14w0 59b04,024,036,511,50
75SESHATRAN A/L MOGAN KUMAR1200MAS115b1119w1 94b1 3w0 74b0 64b0110w1 45w04,023,035,515,00
76NUR AIN BALQIS BINTI AZIZ1200MAS 21b1 13w0181b1 57w1 11b0 56w1 40b0 60w04,022,039,017,00
77Endiran A/L Ragasamy1200MAS151b1 36w0 92b1 78w1 25b0 89w1 17b0 44w04,022,036,014,50
78Ng Siang Zer1200MAS150w1 41b1 33w0 77b0129b1 83w1 15b0 56w04,022,035,015,00
79AHMAD SYAKIR SYHIRAN BIN ABU BAKAR1200MAS 89b1 70w1 1b0 46w0106b1 51w0112b1 47w04,021,038,016,00
80muaz hakimi bin mohd hilmi1200MAS105b1 72w1 32b0 40w0 99b1 67w0 88b1 46w04,021,037,017,00
81NUR SHASABILLA BINTI JEFPY1200MAS157b1 37w0 86b1 84b0 93w1133w1 21b0 57w04,021,033,513,50
82TAN CHIN JU1200MAS 73w1131b1 23w0 83b0136w1 87b0116w1 51b04,021,032,514,00
83LOOI ER XIAN1200MAS108b1 1w0 71b1 82w1 7b0 78b0 59w0137w14,020,038,015,50
84EWE LEE ANN1200MAS104b1 27w0102b1 81w1 39b0 53w0 92b0142w14,020,034,515,00
85ANIS NAJWA BT ABU BAKAR1200MAS143w1 42b0 51w0137b1118w1 98b1 52w0 53b04,020,033,513,50
86MOHAMAD AKMAL YUNUS BIN YUSOFF1200MAS170w1 31b0 81w0139b1158w1 61b1 38w0 42b04,020,031,011,50
87MUHAMMAD AL ZUFRI B. AZNI1200MAS 36b0104w1114b0153w1134b1 82w1 43b0 62b04,019,033,514,00
88MUHAMMAD AMSYAR RASYADI B. NOOR AZLAN1200MAS -0146b1103w1 63b1 35w0 19b0 80w0151b14,019,033,514,00
89Muhammad Razin Zakwan bin Roshidi1200MAS 79w0173b1165w½ 69b1 43w½ 77b0131w1 48b04,019,029,513,00
90MUHAMMAD AMEER BIN ABDUL ZAMAN1200MAS 1b0 50w0151b1168w1144b1127w1 20b0 61w04,018,033,510,50
91Kanimoli a/p konasagalan1200MAS146w1 5b0 59w0143b1 70w0158b1135w1 49b04,018,032,511,00
92Muhammad Nadhir Ikhwan bin Jafri1200MAS179w1 23b0 77w0131b1 48w0138b1 84w1 55b04,018,031,512,00
93MUHAMMAD ABHIMANSHAH B. SHAHARIN1200MAS113w0183b1135w1 19b0 81b0101w1108b1 50w04,018,030,011,50
94Somapriyan s/o Thanasegar1345MAS 47w1171b1 75w0 45b0116w0142b0148w1130b14,018,028,513,00
95MUHAMMAD KHALIF NAFIS BIN NAJMI1200MAS 31w0152b1 41w0103b1 20b0144w1127b1 39w04,017,034,012,50
96Muhammad Amsyar Makhzumi bin Mohd Sjuha1200MAS 37b0157w0182b1 72w1 60b1 21w0133b1 58w04,017,032,013,50
97MUHAMMAD ZIYAD HARIZ B. ZAMZURI1200MAS 32b0182w1119b1 74w0 21b0122w1 60b0133w14,017,031,511,00
98Mohamad Haikal bin Asri Shah1200MAS 11b0 21w0178b1119w1157b1 85w0 56b0128w14,016,032,011,00
99MUHAMMAD ALIF HAIKAL BIN MOHAMMAD HAIRI1200MAS 39w0163b1 17w0146b1 80w0140b1 61w0139b14,016,031,511,50
100MUHAMMAD HANDZOLAH BIN HAZMI1200MAS 4w0170b1169w1 26b0 63w0103b0154w1126b14,016,030,59,50
101NOR INSYIRAH DAMIA BINTI AZMI1200MAS173w1 54b0 68w0 73b1 55w0 93b0165w1149b14,016,030,011,50
102Muhammad Aiman Afiq bin Muhd Fitri1200MAS 26w0161b1 84w0 21w0169b1166b1126w1 54b04,016,030,09,50
103VEMALRAJ A/L BALASUBRAMANIAM800MAS 30b0106w1 88b0 95w0125b1100w1 46b0157w14,015,033,014,00
104NUR NAZIFA BT. ANAS ADLI1200MAS 84w0 87b0149w1124b1 64w0129b1 55w0141b14,015,030,012,50
105MUHAMMAD AKEEF BIN ASMUNIR1200MAS 80w0160b0163w1135b1 61w0146b1 62w0143b14,015,029,011,50
106MUHAMMAD NAJMI HAIKAL BIN YUSMIN1200MAS 34w0103b0154w1152b1 79w0170b1 54w0131b14,015,028,010,00
107MUHAMMAD SHAHRIL AZAT B. MOHD SUHAIMI1200MAS 35w0 19b0170w1169b1 58w0 54b0140w1138b14,014,030,59,50
108RAIDAH BINTI RASHIDI1200MAS 83w0141b0110w1 66b0149w1136b1 93w0129b14,014,028,513,00
109MUHAMMAD DANISH BIN AHMAD FUAD1200MAS 5w0154b1 19w0 61b0146w0152b1170w1135b14,013,031,010,00
110MUHAMMAD DANISH WAFIY1200MAS 7b0123w0108b0151w1172b1134w1 75b0127w14,013,028,510,50
111Manohj Jaya Kumar1200MAS 63w0169b0179w1122w0173b1131b0166w1136b14,013,022,09,00
112Nurul Aina Binti Mohamad Alias1200MAS138w1126b0 69w½165b1 68b1 24w0 79w0 73b03,520,031,011,75
113V.Dhayalln1200MAS 93b1 57w0 30b½ 65w0175b1115w1 67b0 72w03,518,033,512,25
114Yeoh zi jie1187MAS124w1 48b0 87w1 15b0 66w0165b½147w1 65w03,517,532,511,50
115Luqman nul hakim khairolhisal1200MAS 75w0185b1160w½159b1 38w0113b0145w1 71b03,517,025,57,25
116MUHAMMAD DARWISY HAIDAR BIN MOHD. SHAHR1200MAS 6w0 61b1 18w0140b1 94b1 43w0 82b0122w½3,516,537,513,75
117HAZIQ HUSAINI B.ROSLI1200MAS159w½120b1 14w0 39b0160w1 69b0 71w0163b13,516,031,09,75
118MUHAMMAD NAIM ISKANDAR B. ABDUL MOHSIN1200MAS 22b0144w1122b1 37w0 85b0123w½120b0160w13,515,530,510,75
119CHIN SHI YU1200MAS185w1 75b0 97w0 98b0148w1147b½156w1 69b03,515,525,57,50
120TAN JUN XIAN1200MAS 65b½117w0121w1 58b0 69w0160b1118w1 68b03,515,031,511,75
121Karthiraj Velukumaran1200MAS145b½156w0120b0125w1159b1 30w0123b1 70w03,515,028,511,00
122AZHAD SYAHMI B. MOHD REDUAN1200MAS 59w0147b1118w0111b1130w0 97b0164w1116b½3,514,528,010,75
123S'NG RUEY HEE1200MAS 55w0110b1129w0130b0141w1118b½121w0156b13,513,527,511,25
124MUHAMMAD ALIF AIMAN BIN JUHARI1200MAS114b0151w1127b0104w0145b½159w0162b1158w13,512,023,08,50
125NUR ATIQAH BT NORIZHAM1200MAS 16w0138b0161w½121b0103w0184b1180w1159b13,59,023,55,75
126DALILAH BINTI MOHD AZAHAR1200MAS153b1112w1 8b0 44w0 47b0137w1102b0100w03,018,033,59,50
127VISHWAA A/L SHANMUGANATHAN1200MAS129w0130b1124w1 55b1 16w0 90b0 95w0110b03,018,032,511,50
128LUQMAN HAKIM BIN ZUIKIFLI1200MAS140w0184b1158w1 38b0 59w1 42b0 49w0 98b03,017,029,57,50
129MUHAMMAD AIMAN HAIQAL BIN RAZMI1200MAS127b1 22w0123b1 35b0 78w0104w0146b1108w03,016,032,09,50
130MUHAMMAD NASRUDDEN1200MAS 29b0127w0172b1123w1122b1 20w0 58b0 94w03,015,032,59,00
131DIVAH GIRI A/L MATHAVAN1200MAS155b1 82w0 52b0 92w0171b1111w1 89b0106w03,015,030,09,00
132MUHAMMAD AIMAN SHAFIQ BIN MOHD SALLEH1200MAS152w1 34b0140w1 18b0 62w0135b0151w0170b13,015,029,57,00
133KOH WEI MING1200MAS 42w0143b0185w1148b1 71w1 81b0 96w0 97b03,015,028,08,00
134SANJEEVAN A/L KUNALAN1200MAS 15w0180b1136w1 28b0 87w0110b0149w0165b13,014,029,06,50
135NURUL ASYIKIN BT ABDUL HADI1200MAS 60b0177w1 93b0105w0174b1132w1 91b0109w03,014,028,07,00
136MUHAMMAD AIMAN ZHARFAN BIN MOHD ZULKARN1200MAS 27b0155w1134b0167w1 82b0108w0172b1111w03,014,027,57,00
137MUHAMMAD ZAIM WAFIQ BIN MUHAMMAD FARDAU1200MAS 18w0179b1 16w0 85w0162b1126b0150w1 83b03,013,030,57,50
138KU SYAFIRUL AIMAN BIN KA MUHAMAD1200MAS112b0125w1 44b0 71w0153b1 92w0167b1107w03,013,029,58,50
139NUR BALQIS FITRIAH BINTI ALPIAN1200MAS 24b0174w1 40b0 86w0181b1 60w0173b1 99w03,013,028,55,00
140S'NG RUEY TORNG1200MAS128b1 74w0132b0116w0177b1 99w0107b0173w13,013,025,57,00
141MUHAMMAD DANIEL HAIQAL BIN MOHD SHARIZA1200MAS 2b0108w1 20b0 62w0123b0168w1144b1104w03,012,035,59,00
142MUHAMMAD NAUFAL BIN MOHAMMAD ZUANDY1200MAS 33w0 67b0 61w0154b1152w1 94w1 57b0 84b03,012,033,09,50
143NG XIN KE1200MAS 85b0133w1 56b0 91w0 72b0169w1175b1105w03,012,028,57,00
144TEOH SIN YEE1200MAS 69w0118b0147w1161b1 90w0 95b0141w0164b13,012,026,57,50
145OOI ZHI HONG1200MAS121w½ 43b0159w0176b½124w½161w1115b0147b½3,012,025,58,50
146Nurul Zahidah bt Mohd Reduan1200MAS 91b0 88w0177b1 99w0109b1105w0129w0166b13,011,027,58,00
147Maniymoly1200MAS 13b0122w0144b0178w1182b1119w½114b0145w½3,011,025,56,25
148NABIL QAYYIM BIN NOOR MIZI1200MAS 58b0166w1157b0133w0119b0182w1 94b0172w13,011,023,05,00
149MUHAMMAD ALIF HAKIMI BIN MOHAMMAD HAIRI1200MAS 25b0168w0104b0155w1108b0153w1134b1101w03,010,028,59,00
150K. NEYAMALAR GURU A/P KHUMARA GUR1200MAS 78b0 71w0155b1164w0167b0171w1137b0168w13,010,022,57,00

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Tie Break1: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable