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Torneo Nuestros Mayores Club Ajedrez C.S.Martin FASGBA 1° Gualpa Carlos(C.A.Quilmes)2°Neville Sergio (SIre)3° Romano Guillermo(cacsm)

Last update 25.05.2018 21:25:20, Creator/Last Upload: fada – comision tecnica argentina

Starting rank

1Schiulaz ArielARG1965
2Duran DarioARG1952
3Novoa VictorARG1883
4Gualpa CarlosARG1871
5Gualpa WalterARG1843
6Neville SergioARG1829
7Salinas DarioARG1823
8Romano GuillermoARG1807
9Leguizamon RafaelARG1775
10Medina IvanARG1714
11Gomez Daniel AlbertoARG1675
12Jerochim MaximilianoARG1653
13Sciacca EduardoARG1652
14Alonso FlorealARG1648
15Prokopiw PedroARG1612
16Veiga PedroARG1600