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Semifinal Nacional de Mayores, Absoluto( Medellin Antioquia 2010)

Last update 13.06.2010 21:40:20, Creator/Last Upload: fecodaz

Player info

NameGallego Alcaraz Andres Felipe
Starting rank1
Rating national2381
Rating international2381
Performance rating2405
FIDE rtg +/-0,0
Year of birth 1989


1137Zabala Fidel2107SUC4,0w 1
2122FMContreras Henry2196MET6,0s 1
3124Sanchez Maya Simon2189ANTCaballo E67,0w 1
4117Rojas Barrero Andres H2222BOGSicoopweb6,0s 1
517IMRios Parra Alejandro2291ANT8,0w 0
6213FMRios Cristhian Camilo2267VALCorazon Del Valle8,0s 0
7535Zapata Cuartas Juan Carlos2121ANT5,0w 1
865FMVittorino Carlo Giovanni2342ANTPaul Keres6,5s ½
9515FMGarcia Alvaro2233BOG6,5w 1
1026FMMendoza Rafael2334ATLParque Centenario8,0w ½
11416Garavito Miguel Angel2230CUN7,0s 1
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