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GM-Turnier Lüneburger-Schachfestival 2018

Last update 13.07.2018 14:59:49, Creator/Last Upload: carlstedt&becker gbr

Starting rank list of players

10GMVorobiov Evgeny E4121341RUS2564SF 90 Spraitbach e.V.
7GMMalakhatko Vadim14104202BEL2499
4GMKarpatchev Aleksandr4117182RUS2469SF Bad Mergentheim
1IMLubbe Nikolas4694031GER2463SF Neuberg
8IMDrozdowski Kacper1136720POL2455
3Reuker Jari12909300GER2377SK Wildeshausen
2FMWinterberg Lukas24622702GER2372SC Heimbach-Weis/Neuwied
6Wachinger Nikolas12962791GER2340SAbt SV Werder Bremen
9FMBarath Madhan25033450IND2321SC Zugzwang 95 e.V.
5FMEwert Hannes12961574GER2318SV Hellern