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Tehran Blitz 26 Farvardin 1397

Last update 15.04.2018 17:48:34, Creator/Last Upload: ia seyed abdollah moslehi

Starting rank list of players

1GMGhaem Maghami Ehsan12500739IRI2586
2Chavari Mohammad Mahdi12542563IRI2111
3Sadeghi Givi Reza12587192IRI2063
4Talebi Masoud12526150IRI2038
5Motaghi Farbod12513431IRI2011
6Moghadam Alireza12584703IRI1997
7Ghobadibigvand A.12502987IRI1843
8Noora Amir Hossein12546674IRI1760
9Rahnama M.Reza12583480IRI1685
10Salehimoghaddam A.12504793IRI1658