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Club Mariano Moreno - Blitz de los Viernes a las 20 hs 5' + 2''

Last update 20.04.2018 02:48:08, Creator/Last Upload: ia dra. inés gómez

Starting rank

1Bilbao Alejandro141100ARG1818
2Mariani Agustin161500ARG1662
3Bonavia Guido151602ARG1616
4Scabbiolo Julian151629ARG1520
5Cuenca Nicolas170097ARG1395
6Arone TizianoARG1100
7Arone ValentinoARG1100
8Battias NicolasARG1100
9Bianco LucasARG1100
10Perez Mango AgustinARG1100