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European Small Nations Individual Championship 2018

Last update 22.04.2018 19:37:48, Creator/Last Upload: IA Mogens Nielsen

Starting rank list of players

10GMZiska Helgi Dam7200595FAI2549
3IMAloma Vidal Robert2260409AND2440
5GMEfimov Igor806404MNC2407
9IMBerend Fred4000102LUX2357
1FMBerg Olaf7200420FAI2235
4FMKlerides Paris5900158CYP2183
2CMBelzo Krzysztof1126768JCI2103
7FMTheocharous Stelios5901545CYP2099
8Frick Renato12000027LIE2062
6CMKirby Peter J.409014GCI1985
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