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18th 4NCL Congress Minor

Last update 15.04.2018 19:58:28, Creator/Last Upload: 4ncl

Starting rank

1Fisher Neal442100132Peterborough
2Grice Alec453250132Beverley
3Tinker Chris R450260132Wakefield
4Dehghan-Afifi Sajjad454486131Sale
5Szutkowski Pawel444901130Spalding
6Tate David450251130Ravenfield
7Killarney Simon A461075129South Birmingham
8Boustred Noel J128Gosforth
9Brockes Jeremy P458503127Hampstead
10Lavelle Terry Wt426237126Nottingham
11Maladkar Lavanya460290126Nottingham
12Owst A Peter125Victoria Dock
13Fraser Chris A440922124West Bridgford
14Griffiths Neil123Rose Forgrove
15Morris Nigel W451703123Coventry
16Wilson Richard123Wakefield
17Blower Trevor R119Barrow
18Milson Neil436011118Louth
19Parry Samuel A460397117Cheddleton & Leek
20Maladkar Ritika464252116Nottingham
21Clarke Gary115Gosforth
22Duffell Andrew114None
23Brooks Steven R113Barnby Dun
24Stokes Robert S112Scunthorpe
25Jackson Paul Robert445584109None
26Sreeram Yashasvini98None
27May Philip45911997Limewood & Scarcroft
28Namazbayeva Sholpan43107992
29Yilmaz Binali80Doncaster Catholic Club
30Tomlinson Zak700Barnby Dun
31Watson Andrew700None
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