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Rector Cup-2018

Last update 20.04.2018 16:00:29, Creator/Last Upload: kyiv chess / pvk

Starting rank list of players

5GMKovchan Alexander14103052UKR2585
6GMBrodsky Michail14100932UKR2542
7GMNeverov Valeriy14100150UKR2484
9IMGorodetzky David2813416ISR2454
3IMKjartansson Gudmundur2301318ISL2430
2FMMacovei Andrei13904680MDA2388
10FMParkhov Yair2813408ISR2373
4FMSuleymenov Alisher13707833KAZ2351
8FMVoitovich Vladislav14104172UKR2336
1IMBorisenko Viacheslav14115824UKR2295