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EDENSC Closed 2 2018 Under 16 Girls

Last update 14.04.2018 18:20:58, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 77)

Starting rank

1Michiel LeonieRSA752Hess
2Michaels Lauri-KayRSA698George
3Riddles AnkeRSA682Hess
4Gaza NataliaRSA632George
5Young Bonny-LyleRSA626Mosselbaai
6Elias ChardeliaRSA617Hess
7Bokwana WilmarieRSA616Hess
8Jack OvayoRSA574ODN
9Claassen ChristeleneRSA550Mosselbaai
10Kleinhans LiketaRSA500Hess
11le Roux MeganRSA500Mosselbaai