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EDENSC Closed 2 2018 Under 14 Girls

Last update 14.04.2018 18:18:11, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 77)

Starting rank

1Fana AnahleRSA968Mosselbaai
2Adams BerniciaRSA788Hess
3Bezuidenhout DeidreRSA727ODN
4Fortuin MeckylinRSA710Kannaland
5von Berg MeeraRSA698
6Esau SheniqueRSA688ODN
7Botha CarlaRSA626George
8De Vries LoganRSA615Mosselbaai
9Janse Van Rensburg NikitaRSA601Mosselbaai
10Van Coller CheniqueRSA593Mosselbaai
11Andrews KaylinRSA585Hess
12Gaza ZosiaRSA559George
13Goliath JenellRSA551Mosselbaai
14April ChloeRSA500George
15Fana AwekhuRSA500Mosselbaai
16Lubbe LaniqueRSA500George
17Mackay AmberRSA500
18Wanie Lee-AnneRSA500Mosselbaai
19Plaatjies SamanthaWEG0Oudtshoorn