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U14 nuorten SM-pikapelit

Last update 08.04.2018 13:11:39, Creator/Last Upload: finish chess federation (licence 22)

Starting rank list of players

8Keso Elias514942FIN2017Tammersh
5Jaakkola Konsta514586FIN1968Tammersh
6Ahola Eetu513970FIN1741Käpsk
12Aalto Patrik510726FIN1735Matsk
2Wartiovaara Oliver513024FIN1684Matsk
1Lehtinen Justus514829FIN1596Matsk
3Karhula Adam513113FIN1520Matsk
7Vainikka Toni514861FIN1493Hämsk
4Isomäki Alvar514837FIN1345Matsk
9Linnossuo Lauri514870FIN0Int
11Shevnin Dmitri514853FIN0Int
10Shevnin Oleg514845FIN0Int