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HCA - 58th Bhiwani Distt. U-13 (Mixed) Chess Championship 7 - 8 April 2018 [LIVE Webcast @]

Last update 13.04.2018 02:41:28, Creator/Last Upload: haryana chess association

Starting rank

1Anubhav (RTK)HCA0
2Hardika (HSR), WHCA0
3Harshit SharmaHCA0
4Kamal (HSR)HCA0
5Kamal (HSR)HCA0
6Karan (HSR)HCA0
7Khushi (Tosham), WHCA0
8Komal (HSR)HCA0
11Mohit MalikHCA0
14Nikhil (HSR)HCA0
15Nikhil KumarHCA0
16Pankaj Sihag (HSR)HCA0
17Paras GargHCA0
18Parv Soni RTKHCA0
20Pratham MakhijaHCA0
21Raghav Mehta (Tosham)HCA0
22Ranjan Parihar 50HCA0
23Ronak Parihar 50HCA0
24Sahil SharmaHCA0
25Saransh ShekhawatHCA0
26Tamanna Malik, WHCA0
27Vihita Khurana (HSR), WHCA0
28Vivek SharmaHCA0
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