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Torneo invitacional de escuelas de Bayamón Under 11femenino

Last update 05.04.2018 19:45:39, Creator/Last Upload: federacion de ajedrez de puerto rico

Starting rank

1Berrios Rodriguez DaneishkaPUR0Esc. Marta Vélez
2Cosme Silva PerlaPUR0Esc. Marta Vélez
3Cotto Thomas AaliyahPUR0Esc. Marta Vélez
4De Leon YaribelPUR0Juan Morel Campos
5Irene ElizabethPUR0Esc. Ramon Morales Peña
6Lopez PerlaPUR0Esc. Ramon Morales Peña
7Lugo Lopez JeanelyPUR0Juan Morel Campos
8Ortiz Gonzalez DanetzyPUR0Juan Morel Campos
9Perez Correa KianaPUR0Juan Morel Campos
10Resto Rodriguez AshlyanPUR0Juan Morel Campos
11Rivera ReynaPUR0Esc. Ramon Morales Peña
12Rodriguez Alvarez JoellizPUR0Juan Morel Campos
13Rodriguez SujeyliannePUR0Esc. Ramon Morales Peña
14Rodriguez Zapata JicxariePUR0Juan Morel Campos
15Rolon Reyes FrancesPUR0Juan Morel Campos
16Santana De Jesus IchlaiamPUR0Esc. Marta Vélez
17Tavarez Jimenez JolainyPUR0Juan Morel Campos
18Velazquez YainelisPUR0Esc. Ramon Morales Peña