2018 Chinese Chess League Division A R12-R15

Organizer(s)Chinese Chess Association
FederationChina ( CHN )
Tournament directorYe Jiangchuan
Chief Arbiter(IA 8600910)Wang Junnan
Arbiter(IA 8609632)Yu Shanzhong, (IA 8609705)Ding Jie,(8615870)Wang Tianyu
Time control90 minutes add 30 second each move
Rating calculationRating international
Date2018/04/11 to 2018/11/30
Pairing programSwiss-Manager from Heinz HerzogSwiss-Manager tournamentfile

Last update 25.08.2018 11:40:15, Creator/Last Upload: chinesechessassociation

Tournament selection2018-CCLDA-eng, 2018-CCLDA-chs
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Ranking crosstable

Rk.Team1a1b2a2b3a3b4a4b5a5b6a6b7a7b8a8b9a9b10a10b11a11b12a12b TB1  TB2 
1China Mobil Shanghai Chess Club *  * 2333442549,5
2Chongqing Team3 *  * 3322332432244,5
3Shandong Jingzhi Team2 *  * 33432145,0
4Shenzhen Longgang Chess association2 *  * 3242431843,0
5Chengdu Beilei Youth Chess Club23 *  * 4341740,0
6Zhejiang Chess Team½3 *  * 23241638,0
7Beijing Beiao team22223 *  * 3441540,5
8Hangzhou Bank Team231 *  * 24341539,0
9Tianjin Team223123 *  * 3241235,0
10Guangdong Ding Xin High Tech Team½1½33½1½2 *  * 1925,5
11Hangzhou Turbine Team½11½212123 *  * 3726,0
12Hebei sports lottery chess team112½22111142 *  * 324,0

Tie Break1: Matchpoints (2 for wins, 1 for Draws, 0 for Losses)
Tie Break2: points (game-points)