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2nd SCS International Open Grand Master Chess Tournament 2010

Last update 05.06.2010 10:49:58, Creator: tamil nadu state chess association,Last Upload: heinz herzog

Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMKravtsiv Martyn2546UKR120b½ 93w1 53b1 22w1 41b1 2b½ 6w1 4w½ 3b1 9w½ 8b½8,576,571,068,0
2GMAleksandrov Aleksej2604BLR124b1 34w1 26b1 33w1 4b½ 1w½142b1 3b½ 16w½ 11w1 9b½8,576,070,067,5
3GMTurov Maxim2624RUS115b1 57w1 28b1 78w1 63b1 9w½ 12b1 2w½ 1w0 16b½ 17w18,574,568,066,0
4GMDreev Alexey2655RUS127w1 90b1 76w1 19b½ 2w½ 64b½113w1 1b½ 31w1 7b1 5w½8,572,567,064,0
5IMAdhiban B2510IND152b1 39w1 58b½144w0 38b1 36w1 10b1 8w½ 26b1 21w1 4b½8,572,066,563,5
6GMKokarev Dmitry2612RUS118b1 85w1 22b½116w1 19b½ 25w1 1b0 89w1 13b1 8w½ 16b18,572,066,063,5
7GMLafuente Pablo2587ARG174b1 23w1 18b½ 13w1 12b0 58w1 63b1 11w½ 19b1 4w0 49b18,075,068,566,5
8GMBocharov Dmitry2592RUS146w1 68b1 32w½ 43b1 25w½ 24b1 17w½ 5b½ 30w1 6b½ 1w½8,074,568,066,0
9GMKovalyov Anton2615ARG 97w1 75b1 54w1 37b½ 30w1 3b½ 16w½ 24b½ 28w1 1b½ 2w½8,074,067,565,5
10Vaibhav Suri2347IND203b1121w1 12b½ 29w1 20b½ 11w½ 5w0173b1 72w1 24b½ 30w18,071,065,562,5
11GMHera Imre Jr2558HUN202w1 80b1 56w½ 32b1 51w½ 10b½ 64w1 7b½ 86w1 2b0 18w18,071,065,062,5
12GMCzebe Attila2480HUN140w1145b1 10w½ 91b1 7w1 52b1 3w0 16b0 59w1 38b½ 35w18,070,565,062,0
13GMHarutjunyan Gevorg2460ARM148w½143b1 88w1 7b0105w1 66b1 14w1 17b½ 6w0 34b1 24w18,069,064,060,5
14GMKhusnutdinov Rustam2525KAZ 93b½120w1 70b1 18w½ 58b½ 41w1 13b0 45w½ 90b1 48w1 33b18,068,062,560,0
15GMIuldachev Saidali2511UZB143w½148b1 67w1 51b0 87w½ 62b1 90w1 28b0 68w1 46b1 32w18,064,059,057,0
16GMMaletin Pavel2584RUS201w1 66b½ 46w½ 86b1 56b1 54w1 9b½ 12w1 2b½ 3w½ 6w07,573,567,565,0
17GMSimonian Hrair2521ARM175b1 70w½ 38b1 56w½ 42b1 26w1 8b½ 13w½ 33b½ 36w1 3b07,572,566,064,0
18GMIbrayev Nurlan2390KAZ183w1126b1 7w½ 14b½ 65w½ 21w0 95b1 39b1 29w1 20w1 11b07,571,065,563,0
19GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J2488IND139b1 40w1142b1 4w½ 6w½ 85b½ 52w½ 51b1 7w0 50b½ 53w17,570,564,562,0
20GMVorobiov Evgeny E2612RUS107w1 50b½ 77w1 27b½ 10w½ 22b½ 56w1 59b1 24w½ 18b0 38w17,570,564,062,5
21GMLuther Thomas2541GER169w1 67b½ 66w½ 82b½ 70w1 18b1 51w½ 27b½113w1 5b0 59w17,567,061,558,5
22IMDebashis Das2400IND207w1147b1 6w½ 1b0119w1 20w½ 86b0126b1 65w1 47b½ 60w17,566,561,558,0
23FMRajesh V A V2302IND206w1 7b0104w1 97b½ 55w½100b1 27w0146b1 54w1 25b½ 76w17,564,559,556,5
24GMKasparov Sergey2504BLR153b1 74w1 42b1 41w½144b1 8w0 85b1 9w½ 20b½ 10w½ 13b07,071,566,063,5
25IMSatyapragyan Swayangsu2463IND 99b1 47w1 87b½ 73w1 8b½ 6b0 39w½ 85w1 34b½ 23w½ 45b½7,070,564,562,0
26IMRathnakaran K2397IND171b1200w1 2w0 96b1 35w1 17b0 69w1 61b1 5w0 60b½ 39w½7,069,064,060,5
27IMAshwin Jayaram2457IND172b1 60w½ 62b1 20w½ 57b½ 53w½ 23b1 21w½ 38b0 73w1 40b½7,069,062,561,5
28IMKarthikeyan P2411IND136w1 96b1 3w0101b1 39w½115b½ 88w1 15w1 9b0 53b½ 47w½7,068,563,060,0
29GMSundararajan Kidambi2520IND110w1243b1 51w½ 10b0 67w½ 94b1 46w1 37w½ 18b0 80b1 50w½7,068,062,060,0
30IMLalith Babu M R2493IND111b1 82w1144b½ 87w1 9b0 34w½116b1142w1 8b0 57w1 10b07,068,062,060,0
31GMSriram Jha2507IND104w1 35b½ 65w½ 98b½243w1 46b½ 57w1 54b1 4b0 45w½ 36b½7,068,062,059,5
32IMPraveen Kumar C2391IND161b1150w1 8b½ 11w0 62b½200w1 73b½ 40w½ 74b1 71w1 15b07,067,062,059,0
33IMKonguvel Ponnuswamy2412IND157w1117b1100w1 2b0 68w½ 69b½145w1 52b1 17w½ 35b½ 14w07,067,062,058,5
34FMAbu Sufian Shakil2305BAN192w1 2b0110w1127b1113w½ 30b½ 72w½ 43b1 25w½ 13w0 99b17,067,061,558,5
35FMSai Krishna G V2282IND188b1 31w½ 61b½109w1 26b0121w1 92b½ 58w1 52b1 33w½ 12b07,066,561,058,5
36Ramnath Bhuvanesh R2350IND194w1100b0106w1 55b½125w1 5b0 84w1 63w1 37b1 17b0 31w½7,066,561,058,0
37GMNeelotpal Das2453IND133b1 95w1114b1 9w½ 52w0 40b½ 65w1 29b½ 36w0 70b½ 86w17,066,060,558,0
38Shreyansh Daklia2287IND209w1 44b½ 17w0191b1 5w0174b1181w1 77b1 27w1 12w½ 20b07,065,061,056,5
39IMSingh D P2286IND215w1 5b0159w1130b1 28b½ 92w½ 25b½ 18w0102b1 89w1 26b½7,065,060,056,5
40Abhishek Kelkar2261IND235w1 19b0149w½154b1 43w1 37w½ 49b½ 32b½ 56w½113b1 27w½7,064,559,557,0
41IMSangma Rahul2358IND180b1165w1 72w1 24b½ 1w0 14b0125w1 71b0123w1 88b½ 91w17,064,559,556,0
42Palit Somak2385IND112w1 83b1 24w0147b1 17w0 55b½ 96w1 47b½ 88w½122b1 44w½7,064,559,057,0
43GMPogorelov Ruslan2454UKR176b1 94w1 73b½ 8w0 40b0155w1 82b1 34w0 95b1 98w½ 87b17,064,059,056,0
44GMOvetchkin Roman2519RUS177b1 38w½ 60b1 58w½142b0 95w½ 74b½102w1 75b½ 85w1 42b½7,064,058,057,0
45FMNitin S2363IND130w1103b0201w½120b1 69w0132b1 55w1 14b½ 83w1 31b½ 25w½7,063,558,555,5
46IMShyam Nikil P2385IND186b½185w1 16b½232w1 71b½ 31w½ 29b0 69w1145b1 15w0 98b17,063,058,555,0
47FMDas Sayantan2250IND220w1 25b0157w1 61w0143b½149b1 78w1 42w½142b1 22w½ 28b½7,062,557,555,0
48Swayams Mishra2397IND167w1 55b0174w1 69b½117w½ 96b½ 81w1 67b1 71w½ 14b0 88w17,062,557,554,5
49Anwesh Upadhyaya2419IND197w1114b0146w1119b½ 91w1 60b½ 40w½ 53b½ 87w1 86b1 7w07,062,057,054,0
50Bitan Banerjee2311IND204b1 20w½ 52w0143b½174w½ 97b1177w1 64b½ 61w1 19w½ 29b½7,061,057,053,5
51IMSuvrajit Saha2380IND135b1102w1 29b½ 15w1 11b½ 63w½ 21b½ 19w0 60b0108w1 81b½6,569,563,561,5
52GMFier Alexandr2581BRA106b1 53w½ 50b1 89w1 37b1 12w0 19b½ 33w0 35w0101b½111w16,568,062,060,0
53FMAkshat Khamparia2292IND129w1 52b½ 1w0148b1 97w1 27b½ 77w½ 49w½ 92b1 28w½ 19b06,567,562,059,0
54IMPrathamesh Sunil Mokal2411IND182b1 69w1 9b0200w1 74b1 16b0 60w1 31w0 23b0103w1 82b½6,566,562,058,5
55FMGhosh Diptayan2133IND247b1 48w1 78b0 36w½ 23b½ 42w½ 45b0138w1 82b½ 92w1 75b½6,566,561,059,0
56IMGirinath P D S2389IND216b1232w1 11b½ 17b½ 16w0150w1 20b0101w1 40b½ 62w½ 74b½6,566,061,558,0
57WIMPadmini Rout2319IND163w1 3b0202w1100b1 27w½ 61w½ 31b0107b1 64w1 30b0 83w½6,566,061,057,5
58IMKaiyrbekov Rustam2386KAZ162w1125b1 5w½ 44b½ 14w½ 7b0117w1 35b0 91w0120b1132w16,566,061,057,5
59WGMGara Ticia2357HUN160b1108w1 63b0102w1 61b½173w1 71b1 20w0 12b0114w1 21b06,566,060,558,0
60FMMohammad Javed2246BAN131w1 27b½ 44w0210b1 76w1 49w½ 54b0166b1 51w1 26w½ 22b06,565,560,558,0
61GMVokarev Sergey2501RUS159w1 65b½ 35w½ 47b1 59w½ 57b½ 68w1 26w0 50b0 91b½123w16,565,560,058,5
62Hemant Sharma (del)2191IND237w1 77b½ 27w0141b1 32w½ 15w0134b1 76b½ 78w1 56b½ 68w½6,565,560,057,5
63GMDzhumaev Marat2495UZB134w1122b1 59w1113b1 3w0 51b½ 7w0 36b0 94b½ 69w½114b16,565,560,057,0
64GMVarga Zoltan2479HUN178b1 98w1116b0 95w1 90b1 4w½ 11b0 50w½ 57b0150w1 66b½6,565,060,056,5
65FMGirish A Koushik2276IND198b1 61w½ 31b½179w1 18b½ 89w½ 37b0118w1 22b0109w1 79b½6,564,560,057,0
66FMMinhazuddin Ahmed2304BAN224b1 16w½ 21b½115w½103b1 13w0102b0128w+147w1 72b½ 64w½6,564,559,556,5
WIMKiran Manisha Mohanty2291IND155b1 21w½ 15b0 93w1 29b½102w½152b1 48w0124b1 79w½ 71b½6,564,559,556,5
68FMPrasanna Rao2309IND208b1 8w0152b1151w1 33b½ 79w½ 61b0103w1 15b0115w1 62b½6,564,559,556,5
69Navalgund Niranjan2158IND234w1 54b0162w1 48w½ 45b1 33w½ 26b0 46b0134w1 63b½113w16,564,059,057,0
70WGMSoumya Swaminathan2288IND199w1 17b½ 14w0149b1 21b0175w1 99b½121w1 89b½ 37w½ 72w½6,564,059,056,0
71GMIsmagambetov Anuar2524KAZ128w1 87b0118w1145b1 46w½144b1 59w0 41w1 48b½ 32b0 67w½6,564,058,557,0
72GMHossain Enamul2499BAN158b1 86w1 41b0 94w1116b1142w0 34b½144w1 10b0 66w½ 70b½6,564,058,556,0
73Fenil Shah2265IND205b1173w1 43w½ 25b0 77w½146b1 32w½113b0100w1 27b0127w16,562,557,555,5
74WGMGomes Mary Ann2280IND181w1 24b0111w1218b1 54w0 84b½ 44w½106b1 32w0107b1 56w½6,562,058,055,0
75Abhishek Das2331IND137b1 9w0177b1103w½114b0124w1119b1 92w½ 44w½ 81b½ 55w½6,562,056,554,0
76IMMurali Krishnan B T2412IND189b1101w1 4b0114w½ 60b0108w½202b1 62w½119b1117w1 23b06,561,557,053,0
77IMHimanshu Sharma2440IND138b1 62w½ 20b0165w1 73b½101w1 53b½ 38w0114b0124w1117b16,561,556,554,0
78IMVenkatesh M R2452IND219w1123b1 55w1 3b0 85w0117b½ 47b0 93w1 62b0118w1119b16,561,556,553,0
79IMRoy Chowdhury Saptarshi2473IND156w1 88b½105w½123b½ 98w1 68b½ 87w1 86b0 80w½ 67b½ 65w½6,561,556,055,0
80Joshi G B2293IND193b1 11w0153b½108w1115b0 93w1103b½151w1 79b½ 29w0121b16,560,555,552,5
81Haribalu V2238IND185b½186w1 89b0 99w1 92b0153w1 48b0110w1104b1 75w½ 51w½6,559,555,052,5
82Chatterjee Debaraj2266BAN190w1 30b0156w1 21w½173b0201b1 43w0174b1 55w½146b1 54w½6,559,555,052,0
83Divyasri Ch2114IND229b1 42w0161b1142w0133b0189w1176b1116w1 45b0 90w1 57b½6,558,053,551,0
84WFMSwati Mohota2081IND245b1116w0205b1 85w0184b1 74w½ 36b0180w1 98b0135w1122w16,555,551,548,5
85IMKoshy Varugeese2310IND154w1 6b0169w1 84b1 78b1 19w½ 24w0 25b0 96w1 44b0100w½6,067,062,058,5
86Tiwari Arjun2274IND223w1 72b0140w1 16w0106b1107b1 22w1 79w1 11b0 49w0 37b06,067,061,559,0
87FMHasan Mehdi2287BAN195b1 71w1 25w½ 30b0 15b½151w1 79b0115w1 49b0106w1 43w06,065,560,057,5
88FMMishra Soumyaranjan2251IND227b1 79w½ 13b0158w½110b1133w1 28b0 99w1 42b½ 41w½ 48b06,065,060,057,0
89GMFarago Ivan2453HUN170w1 91b½ 81w1 52b0123w1 65b½122w1 6b0 70w½ 39b0101w½6,064,559,056,0
90FMVishnu Prasanna V2345IND164w1 4w0175b1132b1 64w0232w1 15b0127b1 14w0 83b0146w16,063,558,555,0
91Singh S Vikramjit2218IND187b1 89w½ 92b1 12w0 49b0 99w0179b1143w1 58b1 61w½ 41b06,062,558,054,5
92GMTemirbayev Serikbay2455KAZ149w1105b½ 91w0201b1 81w1 39b½ 35w½ 75b½ 53w0 55b0136w16,062,557,555,5
93Krishna Udupa2002IND 14w½ 1b0244w1 67b0164w1 80b0163w1 78b0183w1144b½145w+6,061,557,053,0
94Sahoo Utkal Ranjan2231IND196w1 43b0136w1 72b0104w1 29w0110b½159b1 63w½111b0153w16,060,555,553,5
95Anurag Mhamal2210IND244w1 37b0207w1 64b0159w1 44b½ 18w0156b1 43w0104b½166w16,060,056,052,5
96Gusain Himal2159IND226b1 28w0176b1 26w0134b1 48w½ 42b0178w1 85b0110w½143b16,059,555,052,5
97Islam Mohammed Hafizul2056BAN 9b0137w1168b1 23w½ 53b0 50w0216b0193w1133b1184w1105w½6,059,555,051,5
98Jaiswal Puneet2253IND240w1 64b0219w1 31w½ 79b0143w½128b½177b1 84w1 43b½ 46w06,059,055,552,0
99Ashutosh Mohapatra1877IND 25w0220b1117w½ 81b0209w1 91b1 70w½ 88b0126w1145b1 34w06,059,055,052,0
100Negi V S2086IND236b1 36w1 33b0 57w0189b1 23w0133b½216w1 73b0176w1 85b½6,059,055,051,5
101Roy Prantik2176IND218w1 76b0183w1 28w0158b1 77b0120w1 56b0153w1 52w½ 89b½6,059,054,552,0
102Sidhant Mohapatra2116IND231w1 51b0194w1 59b0197w1 67b½ 66w1 44b0 39w0149b½157w16,058,554,051,5
103Sahu Vikramaditya2105IND249b1 45w1113w0 75b½ 66w0217b1 80w½ 68b0148w1 54b0149w16,058,054,551,0
104Darpan Inani1962IND 31b0188w1 23b0208w1 94b0135w1200b1122b½ 81w0 95w½150b16,058,053,550,5
105Panigrahi Manoj Kumar2249IND233b1 92w½ 79b½173w½ 13b0152w0187b1175w0170b1128w1 97b½6,058,053,550,0
106Nayak Biswajit2014IND 52w0206b1 36b0160w1 86w0167b1155b1 74w0116b+ 87b0144w16,058,053,051,0
107Aubhropratim Manna2052IND 20b0204w1173b0112w1187b1 86w0137b1 57w0182b1 74w0171b16,057,553,050,0
108Tibarewal Vivek Kumar2099IND242w1 59b0154w½ 80b0191w1 76b½156w½129b½157w1 51b0162w16,056,051,549,5
109Binayak Rath1903IND -0190b1122w1 35b0147w0211b1126w0154b1125w1 65b0163w16,056,051,549,0
110Mohammad Ashraf1987IND 29b0222w1 34b0204w1 88w0221b1 94w½ 81b0186w1 96b½147w16,055,552,048,5
111Sahoo Dasharathi1915IND 30w0223b1 74b0155w0193b1160w1150b1145w0200b1 94w1 52b06,055,551,048,5
112Arpan Das1769IND 42b0229w1200b0107b0228w1169b1146w0150w0190b1202w1151b+6,050,046,543,0
113IMKamble Vikramaditya2412IND179b1119w1103b1 63w0 34b½114w1 4b0 73w1 21b0 40w0 69b05,566,561,058,0
114Imocha Laishram2185IND213b1 49w1 37w0 76b½ 75w1113b0144w0149b1 77w1 59b0 63w05,562,557,555,5
115Majumdar Chandrasish2057IND 3w0164b1217w1 66b½ 80w1 28w½173b0 87b0130w1 68b0125w½5,562,057,053,5
116IMSituru Nathanael2348INA191w1 84b1 64w1 6b0 72w0147b1 30w0 83b0106w-179w½182b15,561,557,053,0
117WIMKasparova Tatiana2176BLR238b1 33w0 99b½182w1 48b½ 78w½ 58b0139w1144b+ 76b0 77w05,561,056,554,0
118Priyanka Kumari2053IND 6w0163b1 71b0162w1131w1122b0157w1 65b0129w½ 78b0179b15,559,554,551,0
119CMPrince Bajaj2180IND211w1113b0167w1 49w½ 22b0129b1 75w0219b1 76w0156b1 78w05,559,055,051,5
120Singhai Niklesh Jain2011IND 1w½ 14b0213b1 45w0185b½161w1101b0184w½216b1 58w0180b15,558,554,550,0
121Subhansu Mohan Satpaty2086IND168w1 10b0218w0183b1130w1 35b0170w1 70b0160w½131b1 80w05,557,553,049,5
122IMSahu Sekhar Chandra2270IND230b1 63w0109b0207w1202b1118w1 89b0104w½175b1 42w0 84b05,557,053,050,0
123Santu Mondal2209IND214b1 78w0178b1 79w½ 89b0182w½143b½152w1 41b0175w1 61b05,556,552,049,5
124A K Kalshyan2043IND 2w0154b0230b1135w1217w½ 75b0164w1181b1 67w0 77b0183w15,555,552,047,0
125Swaraj Palit2121IND248b1 58w0182b½216w1 36b0179w1 41b0171w½109b0167w1115b½5,555,551,548,5
126Sathyakam S2131IND246b1 18w0179b0161w1178b0216w1109b1 22w0 99b0189w1138b½5,555,551,548,0
127Abdullah Al-Saif2074BAN 4b0203w1187b1 34w0155b0207w1182b1 90w0176b½160w1 73b05,555,551,547,0
128Sanjit Saha2000IND 71b0195w½135b½163w1145w0130b1 98w½ 66b-180b1105b0186w15,554,550,048,0
129Nishant Malhotra1614IND 53b0175w0247b1152w½139b1119w0158b1108w½118b½151w½165b½5,554,549,548,0
130Sri Bijaya Kumar Dash1767IND 45b0249w1150b1 39w0121b0128w0239b1232w1115b0158w½175b+5,553,550,546,5
131Behera Biswaranjan0IND 60b0172w1151b0176w1118b0134w0135b½185w1139b1121w0178b15,553,549,047,0
132Ganesh Babu S2092IND225b1144w0160b1 90w0179b½ 45w0171b0206w1161b1178w1 58b05,553,049,046,0
Sanjay Mishra1859IND 37w0244b½212w½211b1 83w1 88b0100w½147b0 97w0181b1196w15,553,049,046,0
134Ranjan Mohanty1916IND 63b0230w½180b½214w1 96w0131b1 62w0203b1 69b0194w½184b15,552,548,546,0
135Pendase Atul1769IND 51w0231b½128w½124b0227w1104b0131w½212b1177w1 84b0174w15,552,048,545,5
136Sudhir Kumar Behera1827IND 28b0226w1 94b0168w0188b0227b1214w1155w1151b½165w1 92b05,551,047,544,0
137FMMitrabha Guha1691IND 75w0 97b0220w½244b1148w½140b1107w0170b½156w0177b1201w15,550,547,044,0
138Gobardhan Behera1847IND 77w0237b1147w0212b½181w0209b1217w1 55b0174w½154b1126w½5,548,545,042,0
139Kumtakar Deepak1886IND 19w0235b1145w0181b½129w0225b1220w1117b0131w0221b1194b15,548,044,540,5
140Rajesh Kumar Nayak1885IND 12b0228w1 86b0222w½203b½137w0204b0233w1224b1164w½192b15,547,544,039,5
141Sarangi Susanta Kumar0IND165b0180w½186b1 62w0216b0206b0223w1192w1178b0185w1176b15,546,542,540,0
142IMLahiri Atanu2348IND184b1151w1 19w0 83b1 44w1 72b1 2w0 30b0 47w0 -0 -05,067,562,059,0
143Rakesh Kumar Nayak1970IND 15b½ 13w0185b1 50w½ 47w½ 98b½123w½ 91b0221w1147b½ 96w05,063,058,555,0
144IMTirto2358INA221w1132b1 30w½ 5b1 24w0 71w0114b1 72b0117w- 93w½106b05,063,057,554,5
145Matta Vinay Kumar2256IND228b1 12w0139b1 71w0128b1178w1 33b0111b1 46w0 99w0 93b-5,062,057,554,0
146Roop Saurav2043IND 8b0208w1 49b0180w1168b1 73w0112b1 23w0171b1 82w0 90b05,061,056,553,0
147Minina Veronika2153RUS239b1 22w0138b1 42w0109b1116w0178b½133w1 66b0143w½110b05,059,555,052,0
148Godbole Atharva1876IND 13b½ 15w0195b1 53w0137b½208w1151b0204w1103b0155w½164b½5,058,054,050,0
149Kumud Kumar Nath1865IND 92b0233w1 40b½ 70w0195b1 47w0188b1114w0187b1102w½103b05,057,553,050,5
150Sahu Rajendra Kumar2133IND241w1 32b0130w0167b1156w1 56b0111w0112b1166w1 64b0104w05,057,552,550,5

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