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Tammer-Shakin ELO-turnaus, D-ryhmä

Last update 01.04.2018 18:17:37, Creator/Last Upload: finish chess federation (licence 20)

Starting rank

1Puronaho Aarno509906FIN1658Hämsk
2Multanen Jimi515515FIN1646Tammersh
3Niemi Esa507113FIN1643Salsk
4Jaakkola Niklas514977FIN1621Tammersh
5Palttala Niko512028FIN1603Tammersh
6Takala Jaakko512842FIN1588Tammersh
7Martinec Tamas516228FIN1584Tammersh
8Corbanese Demetrio516058FIN1570Tammersh
9Pajarre Matias514667FIN1570Tammersh
10Sillanpää Jyrki516210FIN1567Tammersh
11Sjöskog Tommy504700FIN1566Jaksk
12Tuominen Matias514900FIN1564Tuts
13Ristoja Aulikki511420FIN1542G
14Löyttyniemi Marko507881FIN1535Psy