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2018 Értékszámos Egyéni Diákolimpia 6 kcs. Fiú

Last update 30.03.2018 12:58:06, Creator: hungarian chess-federation (master),Last Upload: hungarian chess-federation licence 1

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1FMMarosi Levente2281HUN 19w1 9b½ 8w1 4b1 3b1 6w½ 5w½ 2b½ 7b17,051,036,52360
2FMEgresi Mate2288HUN 16b1 12w1 6b½ 3w½ 7b½ 4b½ 10w1 1w½ 11b16,550,033,02244
3FMUrhegyi Marton2302HUN 10w1 17b1 5w1 2b½ 1w0 21b1 6w1 4b0 12w16,549,035,02282
4IMJuhasz Armin2358HUN 21b½ 22w1 14b1 1w0 8b1 2w½ 7b½ 3w1 5w16,548,531,02215
5FMCzupor Attila2202HUN 18b1 13w1 3b0 14w1 9b1 7w½ 1b½ 8w1 4b06,049,533,52188
6Margl Roland2191HUN 11w1 15b1 2w½ 9b½ 10w1 1b½ 3b0 7w0 14b15,549,531,52119
7Buzas Bertalan2181HUN 23b1 14w0 16b1 15w1 2w½ 5b½ 4w½ 6b1 1w05,548,030,02138
8Kunos Zoltan1966HUN 22b½ 21w1 1b0 13w1 4w0 16b1 11w1 5b0 15w15,545,026,52021
9Farkas Istvan2024HUN 20b1 1w½ 12b1 6w½ 5w0 10b0 21w1 11b0 16b15,045,027,01989
10Mengyan Marton1832HUN 3b0 24w1 13b1 17w1 6b0 9w1 2b0 12w0 20b15,044,526,02039
11Csatari Dominik1729HUN 6b0 28w0 23b1 12w1 15b1 14w1 8b0 9w1 2w05,042,024,01960
12Gocza Adam2016HUN 26w1 2b0 9w0 11b0 25w1 24b1 16w1 10b1 3b05,040,023,01882
13Pap Kristof1860HUN 25w1 5b0 10w0 8b0 26w1 22b1 18w1 15b0 17w15,037,522,01828
14Ugyan Daniel1857HUN 27w1 7b1 4w0 5b0 18w1 11b0 15w½ 21b1 6w04,543,025,51941
15Szuhanszki Gergely1860HUN 28b1 6w0 18b1 7b0 11w0 19w1 14b½ 13w1 8b04,541,023,51849
16Juhasz Adam1810HUN 2w0 26b1 7w0 25b1 22w1 8w0 12b0 18b1 9w04,040,021,01808
17Horvath Kristof2029HUN 24w1 3w0 28b1 10b0 21w0 18b0 22w1 19w1 13b04,036,521,01719
18Pasztor Daniel1737HUN 5w0 25b1 15w0 27b1 14b0 17w1 13b0 16w0 21w14,036,519,01759
19Szakaly Botond1750HUN 1b0 20w1 21b0 22w0 23w1 15b0 26w1 17b0 25b14,035,017,01706
20Holacsik Andras1609HUN 9w0 19b0 25w0 26b0 27w1 28b1 24w1 23b1 10w04,030,014,01578
21Burda Barna1845HUN 4w½ 8b0 19w1 24b1 17b1 3w0 9b0 14w0 18b03,543,022,51883
22Madarasz Akos1521HUN 8w½ 4b0 27w½ 19b1 16b0 13w0 17b0 25w1 28b½3,536,016,51687
23Hideg Ferenc Bendeguz1678HUN 7w0 27b½ 11w0 28w1 19b0 26b½ 25w½ 20w0 24b13,531,014,51539
24Gerencser Bendeguz1641HUN 17b0 10b0 26w1 21w0 28b1 12w0 20b0 27w1 23w03,032,014,01574
25Torda David1385HUN 13b0 18w0 20b1 16w0 12b0 27w1 23b½ 22b0 19w02,535,512,51539
26Vanko Mate1537HUN 12b0 16w0 24b0 20w1 13b0 23w½ 19b0 28w½ 27b½2,533,09,51512
27Joo Zsombor1368HUN 14b0 23w½ 22b½ 18w0 20b0 25b0 28w1 24b0 26w½2,529,511,01427
28Gasparics Viktor1374HUN 15w0 11b1 17w0 23b0 24w0 20w0 27b0 26b½ 22w½2,032,59,51444

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break3: Performance (variable with parameter)