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Centriaturnaus 2018

Last update 25.03.2018 15:13:48, Creator/Last Upload: finish chess federation (licence 3)

Starting rank

1FMHokkanen PetriFIN2268JoeSk
2Lauronen TimoFIN2038Shlaakso
3Salykin AleksandrFIN2012KemTS
4Peltomaa JukkaFIN1992RaahLi
5Kangas AriFIN1738Shlaakso
6Verronen PetriFIN1620Shlaakso
7Korkiakoski VesaFIN1595Shlaakso
8Kumpuniemi TapioFIN1573KemTS
9Jylhä-Ollila KaarloFIN1559Shlaakso
10Ruokamo VesaFIN1547KemTS