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Juegos Estudiantiles 2018 - Oriente - U14 Femenino

Last update 20.03.2018 21:59:22, Creator/Last Upload: erickmarvinguevarasanchez

Starting rank

1Barrios SoniaESA1500C.E. Raúl Flores Moreno
2Cruz NancyESA1500C.E. Raúl Flores Moreno
3Díaz AnaESA1500C.E. Raúl Flores Moreno
4 Hernandez Brenda YaritzaESA1500C.Escolar cton San Jose .
5Hernandez Daniela ZuleymaESA1500C.Escolar cton San Jose .
6Ramirez Yoselin TatianaESA1500C.Escolar cton San Jose .
7Ramos Cecilia AntoniaESA1500C.Escolar cton San Jose .
8Rodriguez Marlen YulisaESA1500C.Escolar cton San Jose .