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Huddersfield Minor 2018

Last update 12.06.2018 20:12:27, Creator/Last Upload: huddersfield chess (nigel hepworth)

Starting rank

1Parkin KennethENG114Enigma
2Sosnowski AlexENG114
3Sharpe KyleENG113
4Walker RogerENG113
5Stratford ChrisENG112Huddersfield
6Hirst JoeENG111Newcastle-under-Lyme
7Jackson PaulENG109Lancashire
8Sriharan SriENG108
9Wilson JeffENG106Oldham
10Coleman PatrickENG105Lytham St Annes
11Appleby JohnENG99Leam Lane
12De Santos AndrewENG97Preston
13Foy JeffreyENG97
14Hynes ThomasENG90
15Fulthorpe BarryENG82
16Slater BrianENG82
17Bohm RichardENG80
18Bottomley RichardENG76
19Halpin DavidENG56Limewood & Scarcroft
20Wood RichardENG48Ecclesall
21Tomlinson ZakENG0
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