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ukáž detaily turnaja

Spektrum chess Zilina

Posledná aktualizácia 24.03.2018 16:17:36, Creator/Last Upload: slovak chess federation

Konečná tabuľka po 7 kolách

Por.TMenoEloFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdBody TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Zdrazil Patrik1125SVK 54b1 45w1 7w1 14b1 3w½ 24b1 2w16,525,535,532,50
2Bulej Matej1182SVK 62w1109b1 18w1 4w1 6b1 9w1 1b06,025,534,027,50
3Compel Daniel1376SVK 64b1 55w1 39b1 13w1 1b½ 8w½ 11b16,023,033,027,25
4Paluska Karol1395SVK 61w1 95b1 31w1 2b0 30w1 19b1 12w16,022,531,525,50
5Sulgan Igor1431SVK 91b1 29w1 10b½ 72w1 8b½ 16w1 9b16,022,530,525,50
6Cizmar Tomas1431SVK 68w1123b1 36w1 27b1 2w0 33b1 14w16,021,528,522,50
7Devera Simon1441SVK101b1107w1 1b0 10w1 31b½ 28w1 17b15,521,530,021,25
8Vastik Lukas1643SVK117w1 77b1 19w1 30b½ 5w½ 3b½ 23w½5,023,531,520,75
9Carnecka Stella1346SVK104w1 80b1 15w1 16b1 35w1 2b0 5w05,023,031,019,00
10Slivon Stanislav1124SVK110w1 56b1 5w½ 7b0 62w1 30b1 20w½5,022,530,519,50
11Cerven Samuel1270SVK 82w1 44b1 22w1 35b0 15w1 36b1 3w05,022,031,021,00
12Rajnicek Adam1000SVK 35b0111w1 29b1 50w1 13b1 27w1 4b05,022,030,020,00
13Faktor Samuel1150SVK 21w1 58b1 73w1 3b0 12w0 61b1 55w15,021,530,519,50
14Deverova Petra1285SVK102b1 71w1 28b1 1w0 72b1 35w1 6b05,020,529,016,50
15Cirska Nina1064SVK 75b1 81w1 9b0 40w1 11b0 46w1 42b15,020,028,018,00
16Volanek Maros1148SVK 43b1103w1 51b1 9w0 75b1 5b0 44w15,020,028,017,00
17Haasova Timea1212SVK 66w1 38b0 84w1 78b1 37w1 21b1 7w05,019,528,018,50
18Staskovan Adam1000SVK114b1 47w1 2b0 41w1 32b0 72w1 39b15,019,527,517,00
19Mrmusova Magdalena1139SVK 79b1 65w1 8b0102w1 45b1 4w0 37b15,019,527,516,50
20Sevcik Ondrej1209SVK105b1 40w1 35b0 61w½ 64b1 31w1 10b½5,019,526,518,25
21Meszaros Casey Ryan1000SVK 13b0120w1 85b1 47w1 39b1 17w0 50b15,019,526,016,00
22Holestiakova Nina1039SVK124b1 85w1 11b0 46w0 43b1 40w1 49b15,018,524,515,50
23Laslop Simon1123SVK 40b0105w1 54b1 76w½ 97b1 32w1 8b½5,018,025,017,00
24Carnecky Viliam1256SVK 76b1 51w0 79b1 63w1 71b1 1w0 35b15,017,527,016,50
25Wiesenganger Lukas1000SVK 71b0 87w1 82w1 37b0 74w1 38b1 36w15,017,024,017,00
26Vaskovic Simon1000SVK119b1 28w0102b0108w1104b1 71w1 41b15,013,019,513,00
27Kapitulcin Jakub1259SVK 74w1 37b1 38w1 6w0 28b½ 12b0 61w14,521,030,016,75
28Magdik Peter1075SVK100w1 26b1 14w0 93b1 27w½ 7b0 67w14,521,029,016,25
29Burian Matej1000SVK 34w1 5b0 12w0109b1 56w1 73b1 33w½4,521,029,015,75
30Zbin Viktor1263SVK 87b1106w1 41b1 8w½ 4b0 10w0 48w14,521,029,015,50
31Obrocnikova Viktoria1081SVK 97b1116w1 4b0 43w1 7w½ 20b0 62w14,520,528,514,75
32Kapitulcin Matej1142SVK 38w0 66b1110w1 62b½ 18w1 23b0 65w14,519,526,515,75
33Obrocnikova Barbora1181SVK 42b1 90w1 72b0104w1 46b1 6w0 29b½4,518,526,515,25
34Smatana Viktor1000SVK 29b0 64w½ 98b1 92w1 61b0 97w1 63b14,516,023,013,25
35Elias Simon1036SVK 12w1 48b1 20w1 11w1 9b0 14b0 24w04,025,034,019,00
36Marosi Michal1114SVK 46b1 49w1 6b0 42w1 52b1 11w0 25b04,022,032,016,00
37Dzirbik Tomas1000SVK 57b1 27w0 65b1 25w1 17b0 45w1 19w04,022,030,516,00
38Mikova Miriam1000SVK 32b1 17w1 27b0 39w0 47b1 25w0 96b14,022,030,016,50
39Zverka Peter Samuel1115SVK 94w1 59b1 3w0 38b1 21w0 79b1 18w04,021,030,014,00
40Paksi Alexander1000SVK 23w1 20b0 77w1 15b0 83w1 22b0 80w14,021,029,014,00
41Holeckova Ema1055SVK 88w1 52b1 30w0 18b0 93w1 53b1 26w04,020,528,514,00
42Majerova Ema1000SVK 33w0 92b1 48w1 36b0 60w1 57b1 15w04,020,028,014,50
43Miko Patrik1000SVK 16w0 69b1 60w1 31b0 22w0 83b1 73w14,020,028,013,50
44Dorusa Simon1000SVK 67b1 11w0103b1 45w0 58b1 70w1 16b04,020,027,013,00
45Smatana Tibor1000SVK 83w1 1b0 68w1 44b1 19w0 37b0 78w14,019,529,013,50
46Park Geonha1000SVK 36w0 86b1123w1 22b1 33w0 15b0 77w14,019,525,512,00
47Janec Jakub1127SVK 84w1 18b0 53w1 21b0 38w0 74b1 88w14,019,027,013,00
48Kirkpatrick Nikolas Coda0SVK 63b1 35w0 42b0 54w1 86b1 76w1 30b04,018,526,013,50
49Taurani Leisha1000SVK 86w1 36b0 61w0 68b1 78w1 51b1 22w04,018,026,013,50
50Malgotova Anna1111SVK 53w1 73b0100w1 12b0 84w1 88b1 21w04,018,025,512,50
51Gregus Alexander1000SVK125b1 24b1 16w0 52w0103b1 49w0 75b14,018,023,510,50
52Cirsky Lubor0SVK 89b1 41w0 74w1 51b1 36w0 62b0 84w14,017,524,513,00
53Park Yumin1000SVK 50b0 99w1 47b0 69b1 80w1 41w0 72b14,017,524,012,00
54Molnar Michal1000SVK 1w0 83b1 23w0 48b0107b1108w1 81b14,017,025,510,00
55Cervenova Janka1000SVK113b1 3b0109w1 97w½ 76b½ 75w1 13b04,015,523,09,25
56Stopjak Radoslav1000SVK108b1 10w0 63b0 99w1 29b0111w1 71b14,015,522,59,50
57Zelenka Matej1000SVK 37w0 74b0 -1105w1 66b1 42w0 79w14,015,521,512,00
58Satka Matus1000SVK120b1 13w0 71b0 95b1 44w0106w1 89b14,015,021,59,50
59Sustiak Peter1000SVK 98b1 39w0 91b1 71w0 63b0102w1 76b14,015,021,010,50
60Ondrasek Lubomir0SVK111b1 72w0 43b0 98w1 42b0 91w1 99b14,015,021,010,00
61Jasurek Filip1000SVK 4b0122w1 49b1 20b½ 34w1 13w0 27b03,523,030,012,00
62Magdikova Daniela1000SVK 2b0112w1 81b1 32w½ 10b0 52w1 31b03,521,029,011,25
63Hajek Samuel1000SVK 48w0 88b1 56w1 24b0 59w1 67b½ 34w03,520,028,012,75
64Kallay Fedor1000SVK 3w0 34b½ 94w1 73b1 20w0 65b0100w13,519,027,510,75
65Silhavy Michal1000SVK115w1 19b0 37w0 86b½ 94w1 64w1 32b03,518,025,010,00
66Lichvar Simon1000SVK 17b0 32w0120b1 81w1 57w0 69b½101w13,517,023,58,75
67Zakopcan Daniel1000SVK 44w0 82b0 89b1106w1102b1 63w½ 28b03,515,522,08,75
68Hudec Benjamin1000SVK 6b0126w1 45b0 49w0 85b1113w1 70b½3,515,522,06,25
69Angelov Phillip1000SVK103b0 43w0 87b1 53w0105b1 66w½ 97b13,515,021,09,25
70Slivka Martin1000SVK 77w0117b1 78w0121b1 82w1 44b0 68w½3,514,520,08,25
71Devera Matus1000SVK 25w1 14b0 58w1 59b1 24w0 26b0 56w03,023,032,013,00
72Belakova Anabela1000SVK 93w1 60b1 33w1 5b0 14w0 18b0 53w03,022,531,511,50
73Toth Ondrej1000SVK 99b1 50w1 13b0 64w0 91b1 29w0 43b03,019,026,59,50
74Laslopova Juliana1000SVK 27b0 57w1 52b0 96w1 25b0 47w0108b13,019,026,08,50
75Poole Alex1000SVK 15w0 89w1107b1 80b1 16w0 55b0 51w03,019,026,08,00
76Laslopova Natalia1000SVK 24w0118b1125w1 23b½ 55w½ 48b0 59w03,019,024,57,00
77Belakova Rebeka1000SVK 70b1 8w0 40b0100w1 79b0 87w1 46b03,017,525,09,00
78Hreus Tomas1000SVK 81b0124w1 70b1 17w0 49b0 90w1 45b03,017,523,57,50
79Molko Andrej1000SVK 19w0115b1 24w0125b1 77w1 39w0 57b03,017,523,05,50
80Danovsky Patrik1000SVK 96b1 9w0 90b1 75w0 53b0103w1 40b03,017,024,08,00
81Molko Simon0SVK 78w1 15b0 62w0 66b0117w1 82b1 54w03,017,024,08,00
82Krajci Hugo1000SVK 11b0 67w1 25b0116w1 70b0 81w0112b13,017,024,07,50
83Budzak Damian1000SVK 45b0 54w0124b1 90w1 40b0 43w0103b13,017,022,06,00
84Molkova Tereza1000SVK 47b0114w1 17b0 85w1 50b0112w1 52b03,016,523,56,50
85Wandtelt Viliam Gabriel0SVK -1 22b0 21w0 84b0 68w0117b1104w13,016,523,56,50
86Cibulka Michal1000SVK 49b0 46w0126b1 65w½ 48w0 94b½110w13,016,521,05,75
87Kriscak Simon1000SVK 30w0 25b0 69w0114w1 92b1 77b0107w13,016,023,07,00
88Poruban Andrej1000SVK 41b0 63w0114b1107w1112b1 50w0 47b03,015,521,56,00
89Gregor Samuel1000SVK 52w0 75b0 67w0127b1118w1 93b1 58w03,015,520,05,50
90Rajnicek Ivan1000SVK 92w1 33b0 80w0 83b0 95w1 78b0106b13,015,021,58,00
91Jankechova Jana1000SVK 5w0127b1 59w0118b1 73w0 60b0116w13,015,021,54,50
92Majera Maros1018SVK 90b0 42w0101b1 34b0 87w0105w1102b13,014,521,06,50
93Silhavy Peter1000SVK 72b0101w1106b1 28w0 41b0 89w0111b13,014,521,06,50
94Papol Adam1000SVK 39b0 98w½ 64b0120w1 65b0 86w½119b13,014,520,06,25
95Cerepanova Daniela1000SVK122b1 4w0 97b0 58w0 90b0126w1113b13,012,018,53,00
96Vrskova Lucia1000SVK 80w0102w0119b1 74b0121w1104b1 38w03,012,017,55,50
97Paverova Barbora1000SVK 31w0121b1 95w1 55b½ 23w0 34b0 69w02,519,526,06,50
98Chladek Adam1000SVK 59w0 94b½ 34w0 60b0115w1101b0121w12,515,521,55,00
99Cisarik Tomas1000SVK 73w0 53b0122w1 56b0110w1100b½ 60w02,515,520,54,25
100Pitak Patrik1000SVK 28b0119w1 50b0 77b0123w1 99w½ 64b02,515,020,54,25
101Hruz Matej1000SVK 7w0 93b0 92w0115b½124w1 98w1 66b02,514,020,54,50
102Korenko Jakub1000SVK 14w0 96b1 26w1 19b0 67w0 59b0 92w02,020,528,58,00
103Rusnak Matej1000SVK 69w1 16b0 44w0123b1 51w0 80b0 83w02,017,523,54,50
104Kim Wooyoung1000SVK 9b0113w1116b1 33b0 26w0 96w0 85b02,017,023,53,50
105Lukacik Andrej1000SVK 20w0 23b0115w1 57b0 69w0 92b0125w12,017,022,52,50
106Durkac Tomas1000SVK118w1 30b0 93w0 67b0116w1 58b0 90w02,015,522,04,00
107Blasko Lukas1000SVK127w1 7b0 75w0 88b0 54w0109b1 87b02,015,021,02,50
108Cernansky Jurko1000SVK 56w0110b0127w1 26b0109w1 54b0 74w02,015,020,52,50
109Rebrosova Linda1000SVK112b1 2w0 55b0 29w0108b0107w0123b12,014,521,53,00
110Pakozdy Simon1000SVK 10b0108w1 32b0112w0 99b0120w1 86b02,014,020,53,50
111Hruby Tomas1000SVK 60w0 12b0118w0122b1125w1 56b0 93w02,014,019,51,50
112Abaffy Andrej1000SVK109w0 62b0117w1110b1 88w0 84b0 82w02,013,018,54,00
113Sustiak Marek1000SVK 55w0104b0121w0 -1119b1 68b0 95w02,012,017,53,50
114Cerchlan Adam1000SVK 18w0 84b0 88w0 87b0122w½115b½126b12,012,017,52,00
115Belak Albert1000SVK 65b0 79w0105b0101w½ 98b0114w½124b12,012,016,53,25
116Tothova Katarina1000SVK121w1 31b0104w0 82b0106b0123w1 91b02,011,517,02,50
117Hrudkay Adrian1000SVK 8b0 70w0112b0126w1 81b0 85w0127b12,011,517,01,00
118Zbojek Jakub1000SVK106b0 76w0111b1 91w0 89b0121b½120w½2,011,516,03,50
119Danovska Timea1000SVK 26w0100b0 96w0124b1113w0125b1 94w02,011,016,51,50
120Barcak Viliam1000SVK 58w0 21b0 66w0 94b0127w1110b0118b½1,514,520,01,50
121Cvapkova Klara1000SVK116b0 97w0113b1 70w0 96b0118w½ 98b01,512,017,02,50
122Stauderova Alica1000SVK 95w0 61b0 99b0111w0114b½124w0 -11,510,514,52,00
123Burianova Dominika1000SVK126b1 6w0 46b0103w0100b0116b0109w01,012,519,00,50
124Rackova Sofia1000SVK 22w0 78b0 83w0119w0101b0122b1115w01,012,518,51,00
125Elias Fedor0SVK 51w0 -1 76b0 79w0111b0119w0105b01,012,518,50,50
126Spircova Kamila1000SVK123w0 68b0 86w0117b0 -1 95b0114w01,011,015,50,50
127Slizova Martina1000SVK107b0 91w0108b0 89w0120b0 -1117w01,010,514,00,50

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable