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Campionatul Cluburilor Sportive Scolare - baieti

Last update 16.05.2010 10:51:49, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 5)

Starting rank

1FMDragomirescu Robin-AlexandruROU2381Css Nr 1 Timisoara
2FMPetrisor Adrian-MarianROU2335Css Nr 1 Timisoara
3CMHorvat Dan-SebastianROU2160Css Viitorul Cluj
4CMChirita-Mihaila MariusROU2133Css Nr 1 Timisoara
5IPop AlexandruROU2080Css Tg Mures
6CMSiclovan Cristian-DanielROU1998Css Nr 1 Timisoara
7IBadescu CristianROU1913Css Nr 1 Timisoara
8IDoros Doru-LucianROU1855Lps Satu Mare
9ISauca-Gherman Catalin-GheorgheROU1782Css Nr 1 Timisoara
10IGeiger Alex-EmanuelROU1678Lps Satu Mare
11IIToth Botond-ArturROU1641Css Odorheiu Secuiesc
12IIZlatea Cezar-StelianROU1595Css Nr 2 Bucuresti
13IISzijarto Norbert-LudwigROU1588Css Nr 1 Timisoara
14IIHincu AndreiROU1481Css Nr 1 Timisoara
15IIIlisoi Gabriel-EmanuelROU569Css Nr 1 Timisoara
16Colac Marius-DanielROU401Css Ilfov Buftea