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FESCRI 2018: Cto. Catarinense Pré-Mirim Sub-08 Absoluto

Last update 27.03.2018 21:40:39, Creator/Last Upload: xadrezconcordia

Starting rank list of players

2Spieker Otavio Schmidt22733833BRA01800Lages
6Da Silva Miguel MichelsBRA00ABRAX - Braço do Norte
7Diersmann Lucas HeemannBRA00CCX - Concórdia
1Pegoraro Julio PedroBRA00CCX - Concórdia
5Riboli Marcos AugustoBRA00Chapecó
4Telles da Silva Kauan SalvagniBRA00Seara
3Zottis PietroBRA00Chapecó