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Last update 15.03.2018 22:39:17, Creator/Last Upload: federation nacional de ajedrez de guatemala

Starting rank

1Juarez F. Carlos AGUA2272Blitz 4o Fenag 2018
2Cu Hor WinstonGUA2230Blitz 4o Fenag 2018
3Reyes N. Carlos A.GUA2136Blitz 4o Fenag 2018
4Guzman OswaldoGUA2129Blitz 4o Fenag 2018
5Juarez F. RobertoGUA2030Blitz 4o Fenag 2018
6Schmid B. StuardoGUA1971Blitz 4o Fenag 2018
7Juarez F. GustavoGUA1970Blitz 4o Fenag 2018
8Monzon CalixtoGUA1946Blitz 4o Fenag 2018
9Paiz GustavoGUA1938Xxiv Blitz Adag 2017
10Figueroa G. Karen L.GUA1891Blitz 4o Fenag 2018
11Sosa JorgeGUA1860Blitz 4o Fenag 2018
12Piedrasanta EduardoGUA1856Blitz 4o Fenag 2018
13Paiz JulioGUA1825Iv Blitz Adag 2018
14Mendez E. Luis PedroGUA1808Iv Blitz Adag 2018
15Muñoz HenryGUA1805Ii Blitz Adag 2018
16De La Cruz MynorGUA1801Xxiv Blitz Adag 2017
17Garcia EddyGUA1767Blitz 4o Fenag 2018
18Tecum ManuelGUA1690Iv Blitz Adag 2018
19Vela LuisGUA1682Blitz 4o Fenag 2018
20Corado AdrianGUA1660Iv Blitz Adag 2018
21Jimenez LuisGUA1650Blitz 4o Fenag 2018
22Mazariegos PaulGUA1583Iv Blitz Adag 2018
23Santos PaoloGUA1559Blitz 4o Fenag 2018
24Juarez DanielaGUA1470Iv Blitz Adag 2018
25Merida DiegoGUA1441Blitz 11o Fenag 2017
26Carballo VictorGUA1430Blitz 4o Fenag 2018
27Garcia FiorellaGUA1400Blitz 4o Fenag 2018
28Garcia Jose IgnacioGUA1400Blitz 4o Fenag 2018