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JNW Club - Northriding College Open 2018 - u10 Section

Last update 11.03.2018 06:20:02, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 65)

Starting rank

1Bezuidenhout DawidRSA779
2Chauke NosiphoRSA765
3Roetz KyleRSA693
4Thomas AndrewRSA638
5van der Sandt IlianaRSA637
6Sandenbergh RoelofRSA634
7Naidoo KajolRSA572
8Stein AryehRSA550
9Viviers CaraRSA500
10Kruger TobiasRSA0
11Surendar SrijedhRSA0
12Vijayakumar KavinRSA0